There is not an athlete, rockstar, actor, president or business icon that has not worked with a coach or consultant.

It’s those smart enough to know they need help/fine tuning that get ahead.

Let me ask….

  • How is your growth?
  • How is your branding?
  • How is your marketing?
  • How are your relationships?


  • What’s your passion?
  • What’s your secret sauce?
  • What’s your unique ability?
  • What makes you so damn special?

I have been thrilled to work with icons and in iconic venues, now I want to place those strategies that have worked for me to work for you.

I have a few options in order to get you going. Starting out with a simple call, to a year long program for those that need more.

But to get started I need some details to see if you pass the chug test!

However this starts all will commence with a 30 min booked call, the fee for this call will go towards the coaching program chosen (if any)

So before you hit the submit button, watch this video.

You ready?

Which shape do you like?

What are you looking for?


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