“I wanted to know how rich people acted and transacted,” he explained.

He paid attention, refined his approach, leveraged his natural curiosity, and eventually built a global high-end concierge business. Now that Sims has achieved his own level of success, he is writing, coaching, and speaking to entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to improve their lot in life.

“Well, let’s be blunt if you’ve got a great idea because if you can’t communicate that, it’s dead.”

2. Lead with being a solution. The world will be very forgiving if you can show that you can solve their problems. “When something is a solution to your problem, all the prettiness falls by the wayside,” Sims observes. When you have a headache, for example, “You just want a problem solved, you don’t care about the pretty box.” Highlight the solution you provide. Solve your customers’ problems and they won’t care about what you look like.

“If someone said you could only use 10 words in your entire life, ‘why’ would be the first one I’d choose,” he states.

5. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, that is where the growth is,” Sims teaches.

“I am a really good speaker and coach and trainer now, but only because I used to be a really bad one — so I have failed so many times. I had to teach myself, to give myself the MBA, the PhD, on how NOT to do it and how to do it properly — so don’t be scared of failure, be scared of not trying.”

6. “Stop being so smart and start being more curious.” Indulge your curiosity. “You want to get that little curious kid in you,” Sims encourages. “I want to know what that button does, I want to know how you work, I want to know and I’m gonna ask.” You will be surprised how disarming honest curiosity can be. Most people find genuine curiosity and enthusiasm to be very engaging and will oftentimes be very generous with the information that they share.

“No one fantastical, or amazing, or anyone that we revere, strived to fit in,” Sims observes.

Don’t waste a millisecond of your precious time worrying about trying to be like everyone else.

“Start going for what is ridiculous and stupid instead of what you think is achievable,” Sims says. “Be scared of meeting the person you could have been had you taken that risk.”

You only get one go-round in life. Resist the temptation to sit and watch from the sidelines. Step out, go for what you want and make it a good one.

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