Are you searching for graceful messages to soothe your weary soul? Are you craving gentle insights that whisk you beyond challenges and obstacles? Are you longing for someone pious to take you by the hand and lead you to enlightenment? If so…then please, do yourself an epic favor and stay the hell away from Steve Sims.

Principles — without Compromise

In a world loaded with self-described “motivational gurus” who are far, far more interested in your cash than they are in your consciousness, Steve refuses to compromise his principles, which include:

  • Telling the truth the only way he knows how: directly, blatantly, fearlessly and with no holds barred.
  • Delivering visionary insights that are deeply rooted in pragmatic reality and practical action: because it’s all about results.
  • Sharing everything he knows about being successful on a professional and personal level, right down to the last grizzly, intimate, “oh wow, did he really just say that?” detail.
What You See IS What You Get

Many speakers who claim to be “onions” – i.e. wrapped in mystical and magical layers of enigmatic meaning – have their metaphors mixed up, because they’re typically nothing but smoke and mirrors; get too close, and it’s all style and no substance.

Steve ain’t no onion.

What you see IS what you get. And what you see and get is a man who you’d probably avoid making eye contact with in an alley — or anywhere else for that matter. After all, a shaved head, Harley Davidson garb and body piercings on a 5’ 11”, 240 lb. frame don’t scream “let’s be friends!”

But that’s the irony of it all, because despite his gruff exterior, Steve is remarkably open, engaging, generous, intuitive, insightful and competent – and he’s leveraged all of this to build a remarkably successful entrepreneurial career.

Steve is the visionary founder of the world’s first luxury concierge that delivers the highest level of personalized travel, transportation, and cutting-edge entertainment services to corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest.

Just some of the extraordinary experiences that Steve and his team have made possible for his A-list clientele include:

  • Closed a museum in Florence for a private dinner party for 6 at the feet of Michelangelo’s David and had Andrea Bocelli come in and serenade the guests
  • Taking a submarine trip to the Titanic
  • Becoming James Bond for a weekend in Monte Carlo
  • Hanging out and jamming with celebrity recording artists, such as Guns & Roses drummer Matt Sorum and playing guitar with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons
  • Taking private cooking lessons with the world’s finest executive chefs
  • Trekking on a luxury safari in the Amazon & Serengeti
  • Joining a filmed marine conservation expedition to the Pacific Islands
  • Heading out on the legendary Sardine Run in Southern Africa
  • Singing live on stage with legendary rock band Journey
  • Having Florida Georgia Line sing “Happy Birthday” in a private backstage concert
  • Meeting and greeting renowned recording artists and celebrities
  • Enjoying a walk-on role on a hit TV show
  • …and the list goes on
In addition, Steve has also:
  • Been featured in Ivy League publications, including: Forbes, The Wall St. Journal, South China Post and The London Times and over 50 others
  • Invited to speak regularly at Luxury Clubs, Entrepreneurial Groups & Universities worldwide, and even had the honor to Speak at Harvard – TWICE!
  • Worked for Royalty, Presidents, A-list celebrities, the rich and famous and the richer and unknown. 
  • Consulted for major award shows, credit card companies, luxury brands and even consulted for well-known consultants 🙂
  • Did we mention he’s even spoken at the Pentagon?

Are you ready?

Full disclosure: not everyone is ready for Steve, and he’ll be the first to tell you that he’s not interested in being all things to all audiences. If you’re looking for feel-good rhetoric, generic clichés and platitudes, or typical self-help advice tied together in a diplomatic package and topped with a pretty bow – then “go ahead and move along.”


If you want to have your professional and personal life transformed by one of the world’s most unique over-achievers — a person who cares so deeply about your success that he’s willing to lay everything on the line to help you: the good, the bad, and so very, very ugly — then you’re ready.

So grab a helmet, get on board, say a prayer, and hang on with all you’ve got — because you’re in for the ride of your life!

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