That’s the first question I ask anyone that approaches me to coach them, followed by why is that a problem?

I remember visiting SpaceX with Elon Musk and he told me that he focused on the problem first, not the solution. He asks himself, why are we doing it that way?

You see, most of the time we polish the answers rather than ask ourselves, why do we do things that way in the first place?

This is where it’s time for me to get you uncomfortable.


I have spent 25 plus years as the Mr. Fixit to the richest people in the world. Sending them to see the wreck of the Titanic on the sea floor, closing Museums in Florence for a private dinner party and then having Andrea Bocelli come in to serenade them while they ate their pasta.

I have also worked with and partnered with the top events in the world. Everything from The New York Fashion Week, Kentucky Derby, Palm Beach Polo to the greatest night in music and Sir Elton John’s Oscar party – I know about problems and how to get them sorted, fixed or removed.

Maybe this is why Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine called me “The Real Life Wizard of Oz”.


Presidents, athletes, musicians, MMA fighters and top business professionals all have coaches – it’s not a case of do you need coaching, it’s a case of, can you afford NOT to have a coach?

My focus is to get you uncomfortable, pull out the “whys” and “oh, I could never do that” and save you years, scars and money by getting you where you should be and not where you are or heading.

Coaching is a partnership.

I’ll hold you accountable, be there for you and together get you and your business to where it can shine.


That’s the easy part – hard work.

While I have been successful in hundreds of ways, I have failed in thousands – this is what gave me my PHD, my MBA and bachelors in what not to do.

I have not got to where I am or what I teach by reading it in a book or sitting at a seminar!


Do not get involved with me to “coast by” or to “settle”, this is a mind shift, a shake up, where we raise YOUR standards and expectations – it’s not for the soft of heart or mind.

*Capped at 15 coaching clients
So what do YOU get?

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If you’ve been looking for more, if you find that my methods sync with yours, that my formula for success is the secret sauce you’ve been needing, then come right on down to The Speakeasy Club.

The investment is simple, $2,850 per month for a minimum of 6 months then we go month to month, no contract, no penalties, no games – I call this the love it or leave it approach.

My commitment is to bring value and growth, stay as long as you receive that.


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