The Art of Making Things Happen Podcast with Steve Sims

Calling it as it is and exposing tactics and hacks to use within business and life

I believe everyone has a story and I have more than a few, each episode I speak my mind on what bothers me, what I feel helped or made me grow and allowed me to connect with the world’s elite – many of these episodes I bring in my friends who share their perspective

Your obligation is to listen, enjoy and then use it!

So whats the podcast about?

A series of conversations and view points on how to communicate, build relationships and grow loyalty from the widest range of guests you could imagine.

I will be searching the widest extremes to speak to people that have made a life from their ability to communicate or without that ability they would simply not be able to do what they have!

Why should you listen?

Because the art of communication and building relationships is still not available on the app store!

Think you could be the perfect guest? Contact us at


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