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Discover the secrets of effective communication and get paid to speak on stage!

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Spend 3 days with me and I’ll show you how those nerves, that uncomfortable feeling you get when conducting a meeting, in a sales pitch or just entering a networking event can be turned into your superpower!

Let me help you command attention by learning how to speak on stage, even as an introvert – FOR FREE!

I know how the thought of this may be making you feel already! When my business mentors told me that I needed to get on stage, my stomach immediately twisted and I thought to myself:
  • “What would I talk about?”
  • “What if I completely bomb the gig?”
  • “I’m a reserved person, who would want to listen to me?”
  • “How do I structure a presentation?”
  • “How would I find the right stages and audience for me?”
  • “How would it make me money?”
But, regardless if you’re selling a product/service, in a relationship, raising investment for your widget, holding a Monday meeting or speaking on stage – they all share the same required skill set…
The Art of Communication – something that’s impossible to replace with an app but sadly getting harder to see done well.
Fortunately for you, I’ve made all the mistakes you can think of! My presentations having technical difficulties, my little jokes falling on deaf ears, contracts being overlooked… the list goes on. But that’s what has given me the experience to improve my ability to communicate whether on stage, on social media, on a podcast, or in a meeting, and has resulted in me exponentially growing my audience and my business.

Over the next 3 days and 3 free 90 min sessions, I’ll show you

  1. How to use being an introvert to your advantage
  2. How to craft an impactful message
  3. How to find your audience to impact with that message
  4. How to deliver that message across all platforms, from social media, to podcasts, to stages
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Jay Abraham



Jim Kwik



For 25+ years I have worked with the most powerful individuals in the world, the leading brands and the most affluent of events as well as being paid to speak on the most powerful stages alongside Jay Abraham, Jim Kwik, Gary V, Richard Branson to name a few – point being if a bricklayer from London can work with this status of person and brand then you are already out of excuses

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Neil Moore

I’ve known steve for over 8 years. His advice comes from all of his experiences, and he teaches you how to apply it to your life. Steve has so many gems to offer.

~ Neil Moore

 Travis Chappell

Steve sims was a speaker for one of my events in thailand. I could not have made a better investment.

~ travis chappell

Jesse Elder

Steve sims is the real deal, he walks the talk. I highly recommend him for any of your marketing needs, he knows how to get things done.

~ jesse elder

let me tell you a story about two fellas. Both of ’em started their own businesses and soon realized that the ability to talk the talk was crucial to their success.

One of ’em, we’ll call him John, was a bit of a wallflower, an introvert but he knew if he wanted to grow his business, he needed to improve his communication skills. So, he invested in himself and learned how to speak with confidence and authority. He took classes, read books, and even practiced in front of the mirror every day.

The other bloke, we’ll call him Michael, didn’t pay much attention to this skill and focused on other aspects of the business. And you know what happened? John was able to effectively pitch his ideas to potential clients and investors, closed deals, and even got invited to speak at industry events. His business grew like a weed, and he was able to attract top talent to join his team.

But Michael, he struggled to persuade potential clients and investors to invest in his business. He found it challenging to close deals, and his business growth was slower than a snail on valium.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Improving your communication skills, particularly public speaking, can do wonders for your business and personal growth. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, invest in yourself and learn how to speak like a pro. Don’t be like Michael, be like John.

Here’s a list of 5 things John actioned to go from Introvert to Influence

  • Invested in himself and learned how to speak with confidence and authority
  • Pitched his ideas effectively to potential clients and investors
  • Closed deals and attracted top talent to join his team
  • Invited to speak at industry events and grew his business exponentially
  • Continuously practiced and improved his public speaking skills to stay ahead of the competition.

Real People – REAL Results!

So, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, take a leaf out of John’s book and invest in yourself and your communication skills. Trust me, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Of course you could always get this training from someone who’s never actually spoken on stage, presented to thousands, or worked with the most influential in the planet…

Or you could make the shorter faster decision and work with someone who has experience having done all of this and wants to share it with you!

Grow Your Influence starting March 28th at 10am PST

Joe polish

Steve is impactful. He is the go to guy for the next level of anything you’re needing, podcasts, marketing or speaking. He’s the guy to help you

~ Joe polish

Ari Meisel

Steve Sims is the most effective relationship manager I have ever seen. He has been a great addition to my life and business.

~ Ari Meisel

Jayson gaignard

Steve sims is an incredible speaker. Steve went up against some of the world’s best speakers and blew them all out of the park. He engages the audience, and you feel like you’re having a one on one conversation with him.

~ Jayson gaignard

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