So what’s my next chapter? – YOU ARE!

Having successfully founded the world’s greatest concierge, closed down museums for private dinner parties, sent people to the wreck of the Titanic and placed you on stage with your favorite rock stars.

Having been featured in press, ranging from The South China Morning Post to Forbes, spoken at the Pentagon and Harvard twice, I think I know a thing or 2 about branding! I understand about building and keeping relationships, scaling without dilution and getting out of the way of your own insecurities and hurdles.

After consulting with many major luxury brands, I have begun working with private clients, small business owners, entrepreneur’s and a wide range of business and public rock stars – are you ready to open up what you’re capable of??

I have often smiled at the wide range of life coaches, mind consultants and all round personal growth “specialists” – I have often asked myself, “Where did they learn those skills?”

Were they gained from the real world, the scars and knocks or a pretty bound book and 10-step course they found online?

I personally ask myself when seeking advice, “What makes you know what I don’t” please ask me that question, but only when ready for the answer.

If keen to grow and partner with someone who is there by your side then reach out a.s.a.p, why wait? To set up an initial call with regards consulting, e-mail me at






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