As a fan of BLUEFISHING you won’t want to miss the next book! How would you like to attend the launch party?

SteveDSims Collection - #01 Builder Steve

Steve D Sims Collection

SteveDSims Collection – #01 Builder Steve

Price: 0.015

Steve D Sims Collection

SteveDSims Collection – #02 Biker Steve

Price: 0.045
SteveDSims Collection - #03 Monaco Steve

Steve D Sims Collection

SteveDSims Collection – #03 Monaco Steve

Price: 1.5
SteveDSims Collection - #04 Oscar Party Steve

Steve D Sims Collection

SteveDSims Collection – #04 Oscar Party Steve

Price: 1

Packages that come from purchasing NFT

The following section will be the details of how you can obtain the packages

Special 1st edition, signed copy of his new book
Special Signed 1st Edition:

Special 1st edition, signed copy of his new book

You will receive a signed copy of Steve’s new book with the purchase of NFT #1

NFT 1 Builder Steve- 0.015 ETH

10 autographed 1st edition copies
10 autographed 1st edition copies

10 autographed 1st edition copies of his new book personalized to you or whomever you choose

You will receive 10 autographed copies personalized to you or whomever you choose of Steve’s new book with the purchase of NFT #2

NFT #2 Biker Steve- 0.045 ETH

Launch Party
Launch Party:

Launch party invite

You will be a special guest to the exclusive launch party for his forthcoming book with the purchase of NFT #3

NFT #3 Monaco Steve 1.5 ETH

Special VIP:

Exclusive VIP party

If you know Steve, this will be an experience unlike any other, he will get you somewhere you never thought you would be, around people you’d never otherwise get to meet. How is this possible? Easy, you will be a VIP member at the launch party. You should also know by now he will not tell you exactly what it is, and it will be better than you imagined.

In order to be eligible for the Special VIP you will need “Real Steve” NFT #5 Real Steve can not be directly purchased.

In order to acquire “Real” Steve NFT #5 this will require the purchase of all

4 other NFTs

  1. NFT #1Builder Steve– 0.015 ETH
  2. NFT #2Biker Steve– 0.045 ETH
  3. NFT #3Monaco Steve– 1.5 ETH
  4. NFT #4Oscar Party Steve– 1 ETH


0.015 + 0.045 + 1.5 + 1 = 2.56 ETH Total

The 5th NFT “Real Steve” will then be minted and sent to your Ethereum address that you used to purchase the 4 NFTs

Special VIP

Now that you have an understanding of the costs of the individual NFTs & the various packages, the first part of your NFT experience is that you will need to get your wallet setup to be able to interact with OpenSea (the platform to purchase the NFT).

How to get Ethereum (ETH) into your Metamask wallet

The first part of your NFT experience is that you will need to get your wallet setup to be able to interact with OpenSea (the platform to purchase the NFT)


Step 01

Choose the browser you are using and download the extension.


Step 02

This is an example from the extension page for chrome


Step 03

The recommendation is to pin the extension you are using to the browser for easy access

get started

Step 04

Press the big blue button “Get Started” and you’ll be brought below


Step 05

Red Arrow- if you already have a crypto wallet you can input your secret recovery phrase and utilize MetaMask for your wallet

If you have no idea what that means go to the Green Arrow

Green Arrow- create a new wallet


Step 06

Read through the text and if you agree hit the blue button to move on

Create a new password (remember longer PW’s are safer than shorter ones… as long as you can remember it that is).

create password

Step 07

Do not store this password onto your phone or computer! Input the PW, agree to terms & press Create

Read the little text above this and engrain this thought please, it may save you from being hacked one day


Step 08

If this is your first time in Crypto be sure to watch the video

Attention!! This next step is critical

secret backup

Step 09

This is going to be the most important piece of information in your Crypto journey. Write these down and store them in an ultra secure location. If you lose these phrases, give your phrases to anyone, get your phrases hacked- your entire account can be wiped out or inaccessible.

Think of this as giving away your SSN and all of your personal identity info (name, birthday, address, phone number, passwords)… It’s just something you don’t do.

If I scared you just now… Good! Now keep those phrases in a safe place & NEVER on an electronic device.

Press next once you have these written down.


Step 10

You’ll now need to reenter your secret backup phrase for verification that you actually know what the phrase is. Press confirm after you successfully filled in 100% of the words.


Step 11

WHOOO!!! CONGRATS You Now Have Your Metamask Wallet setup


Step 12

This is what your home page of your wallet looks like. (Remember you can access this wallet through the pinned extensions on your browser)

The green arrows- are your public wallet address (this is recorded on the blockchain) and this is what you can share with people. You can see this as kind of like your mailing address. Without this address people will not be able to send you any funds.


The next step is to onboard your fiat to buy Ethereum which will be the currency used to be the NFT

Download Your Metamask Wallet

Onboarding Your Fiat To Trade For Ethereum

If you use the referral link above both of us will receive a signup bonus and you will be able to onboard fiat through the platform as well as transfer between Coinbase & Coinbase Pro seamlessly.

There are other platforms you can use but Coinbase generally has a very fast turn around time for verification as well as makes transactions/transfers very easy.

It will take you 6 days for the funds from your bank to clear with Coinbase (ACH deposit). You can also perform a wire transfer which generally is faster if you are in a rush.

Coinbase ($10 in BTC when you buy or sell >$100 once)

Coinbase Pro

less user friendly but has significantly less fees to trade with

We will use Coinbase 1st for this Walkthrough

We will use Coinbase 1st for this Walkthrough

  1. After you have signed up, click on the trade tab from the home screen.
  2. Make sure that the tab is selected on “Buy”
  3. Change the dropdown tab to Ethereum (green line). Make sure that you do not select “Ethereum Classic” this is a different asset.
  4. Double check that you have the correct asset and then select your bank under the “Pay With” tab (it may already be preselected)
  5. Confirm the transaction and once it is through you will be the proud owner of some Ethereum.

Remember you will need to purchase enough Ethereum for the NFT as well as Ethereum for gas fees to be used on the OpenSea platform. Reference the article linked if you want to learn more about gas.

As a safety measure you should buy at least $200–300 of Ethereum extra to account for transaction fees required by the network to execute your transactions.

The above statement is really important that many will unfortunately overlook and will not be able to purchase the NFT because of it so I will repeat.

As a safety measure you should buy at least $200–300 of Ethereum extra to account for transaction fees required by the network to execute your transactions

Once the transaction goes through you can see your ETH in your “Assets” tab

If you would like to skip to the next section (control find this next phrase)

“Transfer Ethereum To Your MetaMask”


How To Use CoinBase Pro

After you’ve created your account and gone through the verification portion this will be your home screen. Navigate to the “Portfolios” tab. Then “Deposit.” You will first need to fund your account.

  1. ACH deposit- you will be able to instantly buy your assets but you will not be able to withdraw the Ethereum until 6 days when the funds clear from your bank
  2. Wire Transfer-1 day clearance for your funds so you will be able to buy and transfer your assets faster. $10 charge to do so
  3. Transfer from Coinbase- This is why I also recommended opening a Coinbase account first as you will be able to freely transfer your assets back and forth at no charge between platforms.

After you have funded your account.

Click On Trade Tab

Click On Trade Tab

If you are not an experienced trader the easiest way to navigate this system is to perform a “Market” order. This essentially allows you to buy the asset (Ethereum) at the current price it is trading for.


Notice how I changed the value to 2000 USD which would incur a $10 fee as well as get me 0.49510863 ETH.


The current price of 1 ETH being $4018 at this writing. (Shown at the top of screen)

Once you have input the amount in USD that you want to buy press “Place Buy Order” & your transaction to buy will go through.

If you are more familiar with how to utilize limit buys then you can reference the ETH chart and determine the price that you would like to buy the asset at. (this will not be covered in this walk through).

Once you have purchased your ETH it will show up in your “Portfolio” tab.

Transfer Ethereum To Your MetaMask

Transfer Ethereum To Your MetaMask

Go To Your Metamask wallet and you can click on the address underneath “Account 1” & it should copy a long string of numbers and letters. This is the wallet address you will need to use to bring back to CoinBase.


On Coinbase you will need to press “Send/Receive” make sure that the tab is set to “Send”

The Red Line is where you will paste the long string of numbers and letters into the “To” section. Verify at least that the first and last 4 digits match up exactly with your MetaMask wallet address.

Change the “Pay with” to Ethereum. Then press “Continue”

Verify that the details are correct then press “Send Now” & wait for the funds to send to your Metamask. (This maybe as quick as a couple of minutes or as long as a couple of hours).

CoinBase Pro Withdrawal

CoinBase Pro Withdrawal

Make sure you are on your “Portfolio Tab”

Click on “Withdraw” then enter in ETH & choose the Ether (ETH) asset. This should be the only one where you have a balance with anyways.

Click on “Crypto Address”


Enter in the copied MetaMask address into the “To” line & double check that at least the first and last 4 digits match up exactly.


Enter in the amount of ETH you would like to transfer over you may need to play with this section as Coinbase & Coinbase Pro do charge a network fee for the transaction & so sometimes may not allow you to take the entire max amount.

After you are all set press “Withdrawal” & wait for the ETH to get into your Metamask account.

Your ETH should show on your Metamask wallet like this below


Once You Have Your ETH Head Over To Navigate OpenSea sure the website is the one linked above if you are not using the direct link. This is the biggest NFT platform on Ethereum and so may have some copy cat sites.


Step 01

Click on the top R profile image

Step 02

Connect Your Metamask

How to purchase

This will be the collection address for the Steve D Sims NFT mint


Step 01

When you are ready press the “Buy Now” button

Step 02

This popup will occur and you will need to check off the box to continue
atomic match

Step 03 – Complete Checkout

  1. Press “Confirm Checkout” when ready
  2. This is the final transaction page. Notice the top line says “Estimated gas fee” of .031506 ETH ($122.49). This is the fee paid for processing your transaction.You will need to make sure you have at least that amount of ETH to cover the gas or else your transaction will not go through.

    The total amount (the second line) will be the NFT price (which stays fixed) + the gas fee (which can be variable)

    Here are some examples taken about 10 minutes apart to purchase the same NFT

    You will notice that the gas fee is different each time which then changes the Total amount. The gas fee will vary through the day based on usage. The higher the amount of usage of the Ethereum network the higher the prices of gas will be.

  3. When you are ready press “Confirm” and your transaction will process.
  4. If you are successful there should be a popup that you will see that confirmed the purchase.If you miss it you can always click on the “Activity” tab in your MetaMask and check to see if the transaction “Confirmed,” “Failed,” or is still “Pending”

    If your transaction shows as failed your gas fee will be taken and you will have to redo the transaction.

    This generally occurs if there is a high amount of congestion in the network

Successfully Done!

If your transaction is successful you can view your NFT collection by clicking on the circle in the top R hand corner then pressing “Profile”

This will bring you to your NFT collection page.

Sometimes there may be some lag between purchase and the population of the NFT so give it some time.

Don’t forget your Unlockable Content
Click the purple “Reveal unlockable content”

Complete Checkout

Any questions contact me at


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