2 Lane Life; Hobby Turned Lifestyle Business

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Welcome to another thrilling episode of “The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims”. Today, we have two extraordinary guests who live by the beat of their own drum, the dynamic duo of adventure and authenticity, Gaylin Anderson and Lance Coury.

Both these gentlemen have turned their passion for motorcycle culture into a thriving business, embracing the fast lane and inspiring others to do the same. They’re here to share their journey from casual riding to founding Tulane Life, a brand that embodies their spirit and love for the open road. We’ll delve into the challenges and victories they’ve encountered, from shaking up their corporate lives to navigating the vast landscape of social media and e-commerce.

They’re not your average businessmen – with backgrounds in sign painting and financial services, these two riders blend their unique talents into a lifestyle brand that goes beyond bike parts and t-shirts. Their story is one of connection, both with their audience and within the strong community bond of bikers.

Dial in as they give us the dirt on their transition from riding dirt bikes to selling them, fostering relationships with significant partners like Harley Davidson, and hosting a YouTube channel that showcases much more than just their love for motorcycles. So gear up for an episode that promises to take you on a ride through the valleys of starting a business, the peaks of community impact, and the twisty roads of personal growth.

This is “The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims”, and you don’t want to miss what our guests have to buckle up for us today.

Without further ado, let’s welcome Gaylin Anderson and Lance Coury to the show. Guys, thank you for joining us. Let’s kick this off with how you’ve carved your own path in the motorcycle world and become embodiments of living life to the fullest!