Anmol Singh; Insights on Trading, Investment, and Wealth Building

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Welcome to another thought-provoking episode of “The Art of Making Things Happen” hosted by Steve Sims. In this episode, Steve engages in a riveting conversation with Anmol Singh, the brains behind and a veteran in the trading and investing industry.

Anmol delves into the complex relationship people have with money, shedding light on the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies trading. Throughout their discussion, Anmol emphasizes the importance of mastering emotional control and the necessity of financial education in navigating the volatile investment landscape. From the impact of geopolitical events on markets to the strategic significance of holding onto cash, Steve and Anmol cover a wide array of topics that offer valuable insights for both seasoned investors and those new to the game.

If you’re eager to gain a deeper understanding of trading and investing and learn from one of the industry’s leading figures, this episode is a compelling and enlightening listen. Stay tuned for a captivating exploration of the world of finance with Anmol Singh.