George Bryant; Digital Marketing Strategist to the World

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George Bryant’s journey towards recognizing and accepting help has been a transformative one. He admits that in the past, he would often brush off offers of assistance, afraid to ask for help or accept it when it was offered. But about a couple of years ago, things started feeling easier for him in his business, and he realized that it was because he had let some people in and allowed them to lend a hand. Slowly but surely, George began to flex his “accepting help” muscle. He started recognizing that he was actually good at accepting help, and it made a positive impact on his life. He gathered enough evidence over time to prove to himself that accepting help was not a sign of weakness, but rather a strength. Recently, at one of his events, a humbling moment occurred. People who had been his mentors and whom he had paid for their guidance were now sitting in his room, attending his event as consumers of his teachings. It was a realization that struck him with both gratitude and pride. He looked around the room and thought, “They’ve got me. I’ve got them. We’re in this together.” It was a liberating moment of clarity for George, a moment that made him aware of how much he had grown and how far he had come. George’s story serves as a reminder that accepting help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a valuable resource that allows us to grow and succeed. It shows that by opening ourselves up to support and assistance, we can achieve great things and experience true freedom.