Lets Lose the Pity Party; Steve Sims

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It’s a Friday evening. I’m sitting here quite happily with two fingers of my favorite Japanese whiskey and I have to admit, irritated. You see, it’s the beginning of the new year and already I’m a bit annoyed about how the pity plays in full form. You see, last year, 2018 we saw something come about on every single platform we could. The pity play. Now, I don’t know if I just noticed in 2018 I don’t know if it was there, 17 1615 or if it’s been there forever and I’ve just noticed it like you know, someone buys a yellow car when all of a sudden everywhere on a highway, are yellow cars. But I notice last year that we started looking past the talent and looking at the pity. You see, every time you would look at something like American idol, you know, America’s got talent or whatever.

Instead of the person coming out and going, Hey, this is me. I can sing brilliantly, I can act, I can dance, I can perform. It was a while. I lost a job at the age of three. Pity me before I go on stage. You see, I understand the whole can I route in for the underdog bit, but we’ve all had shit. We’ve all been on our ass. We’ve all been sitting there on a Sunday night going, how the hell am I going to pay my bills on a Monday? How the hell am I going to pay payroll? We’ve all heard that crap. Absolutely. Anyone listening to this has had shit in our life, but it hasn’t defined them as we find them. They’ve got up, they’ve stood up and they’ve used that experience of being knocked down on how to be stronger and to be able to Dodge the blows in the future.

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So I’m urging you for 2018 yeah, weigh your scars, weigh you issues, be proud of where you’ve come from, but don’t ask for pity. Have me look at how well you are, how strong you are, how you perform or what you do. Because all the time we’re feeling pity for people. We’re not respecting them. It’s a tough thing, but the fact is you can’t do both. So if you are out there and you’re running a marathon and you’re doing an absolutely fantastic and you’ve got no legs, good on ya, but if you ain’t went into the marathon, you ain’t went in the mouth. And then, I may sound harsh, but I’m tired. I want, I’m a very respected, admire people for the strength and character Nepal. None of it is. I can run a marathon, so anyone run in the mouth and he’s better than me and I admire you.

Hey, come last in the mouth and, and you still thought a thousand times better than I would have been one in the damn thing. So I want people to now start to go, wow, okay, I’m not going to use the underdog story. I’m not going to be the, well last year, you know, I had my house taken away from us because we’ve all been there. We’ve only had that shit. So please let’s start turning around and going, right. I’ve had crappy, bad crap, but I’ve been able to do this from it. And more importantly, I’m hoping can come out 2019 this is how I’m going to help you get that. I want to see the end of 2019 where we’ve used all of the shit that we’ve been through. Not to cry for pity and upon our handout, but to put our hand out to help others up.

Can we start doing that? Rather than taking pictures of ourselves next to cars? Do we throw known and trying to show pictures of our ass on the back of an Instagram posting? I want us to help others. Let’s 2019 be the year that we help people stand up straight. All right. I know it’s not much of a of a positive rah rah statement, but if it happened, wouldn’t it be a cooler world that we were living in anyway? This is me. Just my viewpoint. If you didn’t like it, you should have turned off two minutes ago.