Mike Filsaime; The Power of Customer Motivation and Persuasion

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Welcome back to The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims! Today we have an extraordinary guest, Mike Filsaime, a true veteran in digital marketing and a revolutionary in the online software industry. Buckle up as Mike takes us on a ride through his incredible journey from the car sales floor to the forefront of online marketing, long before the rise of Facebook and MySpace.

In this episode, Mike dives deep into his ambitious endeavors, including the development of Groove, a sophisticated platform offering revolutionary e-commerce and AI components, designed to challenge the likes of ClickFunnels and Shopify. Discover the unique story behind Groove’s domain – Groove CM – where “customers matter” is not just a tagline but a driving force.

Mike also gives us an insider’s look at his evolution from co-founding software staples like Butterfly Marketing and Paydotcom to his latest decision to turn down a billion-dollar offer, all in pursuit of building something truly special without the influences of venture capital.
Prepare to be captivated by a discussion that emphasizes the importance of being in the ‘right room,’ where connections like John Reese and Jeff Walker catalyze growth. Understand the significant difference between manipulation and persuasion in sales, and learn how psychology and customer motivation are the key to crafting compelling offers. And if that’s not exciting enough, Mike shares the origin story of the renowned marketerscruise.com and anticipates the future of his company, Groove Digital. Aside from business, we’ll touch on Mike’s approach to privacy, his aversion to the pitfalls of social media algorithms, and why he believes in making an impact through intellectual property over online visibility.

So get ready for a masterclass on disruption, connection, and growth from one of the industry’s best. Come along as we explore the essence of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the ever-changing digital landscape, with the one and only Mike Filsaime on The Art of Making Things Happen. Let’s dive in!

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