Professor Derek Richard; Ageing Isn't Necessary

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What if you could live a healthy, vibrant life into your eighties rather than your sixties? That was the focus of our latest podcast on The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims

We sat down with Professor Derek Richard, the scientist behind Ellus & Krue Cosmetics, and the Cancer & Aging Research Program (CARP). He spoke about ways he and others are working to help solve the problems associated with aging. His research centers on getting more out of the years we live. 

The Problem of Aging

Today, people live longer lives than before; however, people are still developing the same chronic illnesses at the same age as they did even in the 80s. 

That means that although people live longer, the quality of life within those extra years isn’t much better. That’s because scientists have started to realize that aging isn’t a linear problem. 

Professor Derek Richard states, we now know that specific aging triggers flip after the age of forty. That rapidly accelerates the aging process. If we can find ways to turn off the switch, we can get a greater quality of life for a longer time. 

While he isn’t saying that you’ll now live into your 100’s with relative ease, he is saying that you’ll get more enjoyment out of the years you have. 

That could have wide-ranging positive effects, including: 

  • Reduced medical costs
  • Reduced dependency on nursing homes
  • Greater quality of life
  • Improved independence later in life

His goal is to change the way people age through his solid scientific research. 

What If You Could Take One Pill to Slow Down the Aging Process? 

Professor Derek Richard and others are working on creating a one-pill formula to slow down the aging process. 

What if you could take one pill to slow down the effects of aging? How would that feel? Professor Derek Richard is working with a team of scientists and clinicians to solve that very problem. 

Rather than taking statins, blood pressure, and other medications, you would take one pill that safeguards against the common issues of aging. Professor Derek Richard estimates that he and his team are about two years out from human trials. 

The pill would turn off the switch that leads to all the hallmarks of aging, thus making aging a linear process. At CARP, he is working to change the way people age by switching off the hallmarks of aging. 

They have found a specific protein found in all cancers they have studied, including breast, pancreatic, lung, and colorectal cancers. When they block this protein from cancer cells, the cancer cells die. 

The very same protein is linked to other illnesses related to aging, like Alzheimer’s and arthritis. 

Ellus & Krue: Skincare Versus Makeup

Professor Derek Richard looks at makeup in an entirely different way than the rest of the cosmetics community. Rather than covering up imperfections, he focuses on skincare that rejuvenates the skin — to reduce women’s dependence on makeup. 

That was undoubtedly his goal with Ellus & Krue’s product EPI-gN Serum. While not a therapeutic agent, many people have commented on how the product has improved their skin. 

He states that many women state that they no longer have to wear makeup after using the product. However, he also encourages men to try the product. His goal for the product was always how to restore health to the skin. 

“We’re after health, not a cosmetic change. We’re looking to restore the health of your skin.” 

Imagine A World Without Cancer

Imagine a world where cancer is not only treatable but preventable — through science. That’s what Professor Derek Richard and his team at CARP are working on. If you would like to help the cause, you can donate today

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