Revisiting Gucci; Steve Sims

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I want to talk to you about Gucci and the impact its had on my life. Now, this may sound a funny way to actually start a conversation, but for anyone that’s actually read Bluefishing: The art of making things happen, you’ll see mention in there regarding a story to my mum had when she took me to a Gucci store, nearly.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was actually speaking in Spain and I had a few days to stop off at London. So while I was in London, I was wandering around. I was with my wife and with my two kids. I’ve got three kids, and I was with two of them. And my eldest was, he’s 22 years old and my youngest is 14, coming up to 15.

We’re walking through Bond Street and I’m showing them all these things. I walk around a corner and there’s Gucci and Gucci hasn’t moved and I remember that when my mum used to take me into London for kind of window shopping days, she actually stopped on the opposite side of the store, the opposite side of the road and looked into the window at some handbags. And I remember stepping off of the curb thinking we were going into Gucci and she pulled me back and uttered the words, We don’t go in there, that’s for other people.”

I remember stepping off of the curb thinking we were going into Gucci and she pulled me back and uttered the words, We don't go in there, that's for other people. Click To Tweet

Now I recall that, it actually made an immense impact on me because I couldn’t understand why. I just saw a store that sold handbags, but for some other reason, my mom saw something different.

Now, funny enough, I made a point of taking my family in there. My wife’s been in there many times obviously and none of our kids cared. We wandered about. I actually bought a pair of socks. I own a pair of Gucci socks. I wanted to buy a pair of Gucci socks from the store that intimidated and scared the shit out of my mum.

As I was leaving the store, I realized that the store hadn’t done it, my mom had done it. My mum had allowed herself to become scared of that store. She had allowed herself to become terrified of what it made her think of herself. And I found that very, very sad.

So if you’re ever in London and you walk past that Gucci store, remember what an impact it had on my life, but remember what an impact it has on others. Like a lot of luxury items, especially through the sixties, the seventies, the eighties, the nineties. As we come out of quite simply two World Wars and started having that kind of opulence around.

How in the early stages it was there to terrify us. You know, were we good enough to be wearing that item of clothing? Were we good enough to walk around with that handbag? And now why so many people actually go out and buy those handbags to go, I’m good enough.

And that’s a shame because guess what? You were probably already good enough to start with. I now own a bloody pair of Gucci socks. I don’t know where I’m going to wear them, but I have them.

This is a very short one, but I want to thank you for actually paying attention to some of the things I come up with. I hope it helps you. If it doesn’t, you can send me an email at and if it’s an interesting email, I’ll respond. If it’s abuse, I may still respond. But I wish you the best.

I want you and urge you and pray you, don’t be terrified of other people’s things. Don’t let your inner self make you petrified of stuff that you really shouldn’t be because quite simply you is good enough.