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Well, it’s that time again. You’re about to listen to a riveting episode of The Art Of Making Things Happen with me, Steve Sims. It’s there to make you more productive, more impactful, and to get you thinking. Enjoy this episode.

Social distancing. This has been a word that no one ever thought would have become a tag word, would become a sentence that we would hear about. It was just something that came out of the blue. And we were told that we now had to socially distance ourself from anybody.

Now I’m glad this happened. Because as far as I’m concerned, we’ve been doing this for years. We started doing this over 10 years ago when we started with social platforms. Because people were using them as a reason to not socially interact. Now, this is what’s going to be good about social distancing. I’s pissing us off. It’s aggravating us. We’re not able to actually go out, communicate, even as bad as we’ve been doing it. We’re not able to go into a coffee shop and order a coffee. We’re not able to go out and order a newspaper at a newspaper stand. We’re not able to go and get a croissant from a bakery or anything. We’re not able to do anything.

And let’s be blunt. We bloody miss it. Why? Because we’re humans. We are pack animals. We need to be around people. And a full stop’s happened. I’m really praying that this social distancing is the final step. The reset. The pause button. That causes us to go back, once this is all done and we’re told, hey, we can go out and play, that we’re not going to suddenly jump on Facebook and go, oh, I’m feeling better.

We’re going to do something crazy like pick up the phone and go, hey, do you want to meet me for a coffee? Should we hang out for a beer? This may be the best thing that could have happened to us. It will cause us, because we’ve missed it, because we hate it, because we have all been quarantined and can’t communicate with anyone else, we now want it badly. That I’m hoping we’re going to respect and love it.

They always say, you never miss something until it’s gone. It’s gone. We haven’t been able to communicate with people. We haven’t been able to talk to people. I don’t know how many times people are going to be listening to this podcast. We’ve only been in this for like two weeks now. And I’m praying that some of you are listening to this podcast and it’s already gone. But already people are getting stir crazy.

You’ve lost the ability to communicate with people. You’re urging, you’re desperate to find a way. And some of you even sneaking little parties, I’ve heard of these anti-coronavirus parties where people are just getting together because they need to. Well, buddy, I’m here to tell you, we all need to.

So, I’m just asking you. Hold onto this feeling. You don’t like it. You can’t communicate with people. And you damn well miss it. When we’re given the chance to actually get back in there. When we’re given the chance to actually go and play with everyone again. Maybe we should be a little bit kinder. Maybe we should strike up conversations. Rather than tweeting about how wonderful your life is. Go and buy someone a beer and find out how theirs is. All right? Not trying to get holier than thou, I’m just trying to say, as shit as we’re getting at communicating, we’ve now had it removed from us and we want it. Don’t forget what this pain feels like. Speak soon.

Well, that’s it for another episode of The Art Of Making Things Happen with yours truly, Steve Sims. I hope you enjoyed it. You know the usual drill, share it, tell people about it, jump on Apple, put a review. Don’t be selfish. Spread the wealth. Look forward to sharing with you again. And until the next time, be safe.


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