Growth to freedom

What would happen in your life if you could connect in a genuine way with the high profile people in your niche or industry?

And, what would be the result if you were able to make those kinds of meaningful connections regularly?

Today’s show is going to show you how we can get a leg up on the rest of the competition by showing you simple strategies you can use today to do just that…

Steve Sims is the visionary founder of Bluefish: the world’s first luxury concierge that delivers the highest level of personalized travel, transportation, and cutting-edge entertainment services to corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes. Do you have a dream that you’d like to see fulfilled? Anything from having dinner with Donald Trump or taking a trip to outer space? Steve and his team are the ones who can pull it off for you (if you’ve got the cash to properly motivate them).

I wanted to have Steve on the show for a selfish reason, really…
I wanted him to tell me, in plain and practical terms, how I can regularly and genuinely make connections with people who matter in the world and in my industry. He’s a pro at what Joe Polish calls: Genius Networking and I knew he would have some great things to say.

And man… did Steve deliver!

This episode is packed with incredible insights from a man who doesn’t just teach this stuff, he does it.

Steve Sims will give you more clarity and capabilities with useful ideas to create lasting, thoughtful connections with the people who matter. But he’s a family man too, so he’s got some very practical things to share about how to make marriage and family work too.

Buckle up. “Ugly Sims” is on the show!
Here’s a peek into what you’ll learn in this show:

  • [0:31] Dan’s introduction of this episode and its guest: Steve Simms
  • [2:32] Steve’s humble beginnings and who he is today.
  • [4:09] How Steve has been able to turn setbacks into learning experiences.
  • [7:28] Steve’s mindset of living life to the fullest and attracting the right people into his life.
  • [15:02] How Steve Sims advises people to learn how to meet high profile people.
  • [17:56] Things NOT to do if you want to meet high profile people.
  • [21:28] Why is the website called “”?
  • [24:40] Why thoughtful beats expensive, every time.
  • [28:21] What Steve’s up to now and how you can reach Steve Sims.
  • [29:37] The things Steve wants people to start doing and what he wants or himself.
  • [31:10] The rituals and practices Steve teaches his kids regularly.
  • [33:35] Steve’s best advice for having a marriage that lasts.
  • And much, much, more…

To view the interview, you can go to:

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