Episode #161 with Steve Sims of The Blue Fish



In Episode #161 Ari interviews Steve Sims of The Blue Fish, the world’s leading provider of luxury concierge services. During their brief but powerful conversation, Steve outlines the method to his astoundingly successful customer-retention madness and explains why The Blue Fish is truly a concierge service unlike any other.


Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 10:56 – Introduction of Steve Sims, founder of The Blue Fish
  • 11:39 – The Blue Fish is a real-life wizard of Oz
  • 12:12 – An unforgettable private dining experience in Florence…
  • 17:18 – The “envelope in the hotel” tactic
  • 19:24 – Only 7-12% of emails actually get through to and read by their intended recipient
  • 20:15 – If you want an open rate that’s 100% you have to stand out, you have to be different, you have to be distinct—and you cannot use email
  • 21:00 – Don’t send personal letters, notes, etc. just to friends and personal acquaintances—send them to people you’re trying to entice
  • 21:35 – Show you care, show you have that personal touch
  • 22:30 – The Blue Fish has just under 4,000 clients
  • 22:48 – If you don’t like talking to clients, you had better like watching your bank account disappear
  • 23:20 – Be hyper-observant when it comes to what your client ISN’T saying
  • 24:16 – Find a way of connecting
  • 25:00 – Don’t keep it in your head, write it down
  • 25:33 – When you’re writing notes, personalize them and keep it short
  • 26:24 – Try the snail mail, note-based system and watch your conversion rates skyrocket
  • 27:22 – Steve’s Top 3 Tips to be More Effective
    • 27:31 – Be YOU
    • 27:52 – Dumb it down—avoid airs and graces
    • 28:25 – Be humble and respect other people
  • 28:56 – The Blue Fish membership requires a $5K a year fee, an interview and an application
  • 29:38 – UglySims.com

7 Key Points:

  1. Handwritten notes are the only way to leave a lasting impression on your clients.
  2. Find a way of connecting with your clients on a personal level—if you do, you’ll resonate.
  3. Don’t keep an idea, thought, or notion in your head. WRITE IT DOWN!
  4. Most people read less than 15% of their email and they respond to even less of it.
  5. Letters aren’t just for personal friends—they’re for business partners and customers you’re trying to court.
  6. Do more than just get to know your clients as their profession—get to know them as people.
  7. Master the art of personal touch and personal flair.

To view the interview, you can go to: lessdoing.com/episode-161

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