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However you spin it, being the best in the world at something pays off. When you’re in a category of one, positioning, selling, and maintaining lifelong relationships with your clients becomes much easier.

But what does it take to offer outrageously luxurious products and services? To work with people whose tastes and expectations are sky-high to begin with… and still exceed them?

To pull something like this off, you need to run your business differently. You need to think and behave differently.

Today’s guest on the podcast is a very special kind of Genius. Steve Sims is the founder and CEO of The Bluefish — the world’s foremost luxury concierge service.

Steve creates unforgettable, exclusive experiences for a living.

Want to have a three-star Michelin dinner in the Sistine Chapel, while serenaded by Andrea Bocelli? Steve can arrange that. Always dreamed to explore the wreckage of The Titanic in a submarine? Easy-peasy! Fancy a trip to the International Space Station — with your favorite actor? Not a problem!

The magnitude, the ambition, and the sheer imagination of projects that The Bluefish takes on every day is, quite frankly, astonishing. It comes as no surprise that Steve himself, as the man behind this exceptional company, is exceptional himself.

He has a keen business mind, knows his clients better than they know themselves, and has a treasure trove of outrageous, delicious stories to share (you’ll hear some of them in this episode).

We hope you enjoy this dive deep into the mind of a truly unconventional entrepreneur. Summer had a blast talking to Steve, and we hope it shines through.

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