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BLUEFISHING the launch

BLUEFISHING the launch

Jay Abraham Interviewing Steve Sims from Bluefishing

Last Nights Launch

Thank You

I’m In Debt

Ugly or Beautiful

Who’s reading your e mails?

You know what you are saying but do you know what they are reading?

The Bluefish’s Steve Sims Goes from Bouncer to Modern Day Wizard of Oz

From a journey to the International Space Station, to partying at the Oscars with Sir Elton John; luxury and adventure concierge service, The Bluefish, makes dreams come true for VIP clients. We sit down with the modern day Wizard of Oz and founder of The Bluefish, Steve Sims, at the historic Barney’s Beanery in Los Angeles. Steve started his career as a doorman arranging extravagant, bank-sponsored parties for affluent guests. The East London Irishman and master connector began monetizing his networking skills and The Bluefish was born. Before getting swept away in the mouth-watering bliss that is the Barney’s Cali Burger, Scott, Alan, and Steve discuss raising a family as an entrepreneur, staying authentic to your brand, and setting healthy boundaries with clients.

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