The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Are Just About Impossible To Misunderstand

Many business deals collapse not because of the inherent merits of the deals but because of the miscommunications among the participants. Presumptions are all too often rampant in business situations, and they tend to foster confusions and discontent. The result can easily be time and energy wasted with no deal and lots of bad feelings.

According to the world-renowned personal development coach Steve Sims, author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen, “Entrepreneurs almost always get the best results when they don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. Don’t be easy to understand, be impossible to misunderstand. Creating a win-win negotiation, for example, is about making it very clear – impossible to misunderstand – that there’s something in it for everyone.”

For entrepreneurs to ensure they are not misunderstood, they need to listen and listen very carefully. For example, Sims often recommends, asking “why” three times…

  • The first why is what they think they think
  • The second why is what they think you want to hear
  • The third why is what they feel

By asking these questions, entrepreneurs are able to get clear insights into the people they are doing or want to do business with. Moreover, many of the most accomplished entrepreneurs look to uncover what other people are passionate about. “The more questions someone asks, and if he or she is listening not just to the words but to the spark behind the answers, that entrepreneur will be able to talk to people about what matters to them and can make certain of not being misunderstood,” says Sims.

The power of simplicity and knowing another person’s passion enables entrepreneurs to just about make it impossible for them to be misunderstood. The result is more success for everyone.

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