We love talking about Success on the ManTalks Podcast. In today’s episode Connor talks with Steve Sims. If you have never heard of Steve he is the founder of Bluefish, a very successful, exclusive luxury concierge service for the elite. His daily life includes helping clients craft incredible experiences including a live underwater tour of the Titanic, a flight to space, red carpet events and supersonic military jet flights in Russia.

Some questions Connor asks:

    • What is Steve’s defining moment as a man? (2:20)
    • What is BlueFish? (7:17)
    • Who are the raddest people Steve has had the fortune to meet? (9:16)
    • What is Steve awesome at? (10:32)
    • Why does Steve feel like ‘no BS’ authenticity is so important? (13:35)
    • Has Steve found himself more successful since making the shift to authentic relationships? (18:05)
    • What are Steve’s secrets to adding value? (22:20)
    • What are some of the keys to success in the concierge industry? (29:04)
    • What does Steve see possible for BlueFish? (35:05)
    • Can you tell us about your motorcycle fleet? (36:46)
    • Where did Steve’s passion and drive come from? (38:15)
    • What is the legacy that Steve wants to leave in the world? (44:28)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Steve’s defining moment as a man (4:17)
  • What you can do if things aren’t going as planned (5:20)
  • The value of being completely open to being “tailor made you” (6:26)
  • What BlueFish has become famous for (7:50)
  • You can find greatness anywhere (9:43)
  • What ‘wealth’ really is (10:10)
  • Steve’s secret sauce (12:05)
  • Why our current mode of validation is so confusing (15:25)
  • How the reptilian brain takes over (19:42)
  • A startling moment for Steve, that he was being fake (20:30)
  • What to do if you have good people around you (24:20)
  • The biggest line of bullshit Steve has ever heard (26:10
  • What your obligation/destiny is (27:20)
  • Some of the crazy things that BlueFish has done for their clients (29:29)
  • BlueFish has just been named the official partner with Sir Elton John for his famous Oscar Party (30:40)
  • How Steve does all these crazy things (31:45)
  • What Steve wants in life (36:05)
  • What true wealth meant for Steve (39:18)
  • Where the name BlueFish came from (42:29)
  • Steve’s awesome responses to Connor’s rapid fire questions (45:12)
      • One experience everyone should try
      • #1 trait of modern day success
      • The book he take if you were stranded on a desert island
      • The movie he would take if you were stranded on a desert island
      • The single biggest lesson Steve has learned with BlueFish
      • The most influential person of all time



To view the interview, you can go to: https://mantalks.com/steve-sims-no-bullshit-lessons-success/

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