Alice Little; Highest Paid Sex Worker in America

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Alice Little: Highest Paid Sex Worker In America

I have a spectacular person on the show with me. Ms. Alice Little, welcome.

Thank you so much for having me.

We realized that the show filed on us so we had to do it again. That tells you straight off the bat how cool she is. I’m going to run in with some of the nuggets that don’t define this lady because she’s a powerhouse. I’m going to give you some of the little tidbits in a résumé. Alice Little is a sex entrepreneur and relationship expert. She’s the number one requested sex worker in the US, Cofounder of Hookers for Health, which is actively petitioning for effective healthcare for sex workers, 4’8”, one of the tiniest prostitutes at Dennis Hoff’s world-famous Bunny Ranch in Reno, Nevada. That’s a hell of a run down.

It’s an interesting story, to say the least.

You’re an interesting person. If someone comes up to you in an environment that’s not the Bunny Ranch, Vegas, Nevada, anywhere like that. You’re in Wisconsin and they go, “Alice, what do you do?” What do you tell them?

I tell them I’m a legal sex worker. I am fully open and honest about what I do for a living. As a result, I get some interesting responses.

Like what?

People ask these million questions all on top of each other all at the same time. Everything from, “What, that’s legal? Why would you do that? Isn’t that the thing with Lamar Odom? Wasn’t that from the HBO Cathouse show?” A million different stories, rumors, legends, things that they’ve heard about this mystical place in Little Nevada.

It does have a huge reputation and reach, yet it seems like one of the world’s worst kept secrets. Everyone knows where it is. It’s got an open website and I do urge anyone to try and look up the Cathouse. It made me find it on Netflix or YouTube or something but it’s an interesting program that me and my wife used to watch at night to see psychology work. How long have you worked there?

I’ve been with the company for a number of years. Every year, I discover something new about the industry that I fall even more in love with.

Let’s focus on the industry. How much of your time spent with a client is communicating with them versus doing the acts of having sex?

It’s 90% about communication and 10% about sex. You figure there’s a real human limit to how long someone can be intimate for it. It’s not realistic to expect hours upon hours of intercourse. No one has that kind of stamina. The reality is people are coming to the Bunny Ranch not for sex but for companionship and intimacy outside of the bedroom.

Are there many people that you turn up and almost do the sex is like, “I paid for it, I better do it now,” but we’ll hear more for the chat and the privacy with a beautiful lady?

All the time. I have a number of clients that already been interested in being intimate with me in that capacity. It’s all focused on calling, talkings, having the shared experiences together but we’re both actively engaged in having this shared moment together, which is rare in society. We become so distracted now by everything else in our world and we forget to focus on the people nearest and dearest to us.

Here’s a strange question. I’m not asking what acts were contained but I’m trying to get some range on the price tag. What is the cheapest entry-level price point to the most expensive?

It completely varies for each particular lady. Every single lady is an independent contractor. That means that she gets to choose her own individual price points as far as where she’s comfortable. It’s important to note that it’s illegal to talk specifics outside of the Ranch. There’s no way to say this much for this activity but as far as the general range go, I can only speak for myself. My experience has started in the four-figure range and depending on how long we spend together. It can extend all the way into this six-figure or even seven-figure range if somebody wanted to have a long extended encounter together.

We should identify the difference between a legal prostitute and an illegal prostitute predominantly the ability for the legal prostitute to be able to decide what client she accepts, so she can say no.

We choose everything. We choose what services they offer. We choose how we market ourselves. We choose who to work with. Most importantly, we get to choose who we do not wish to work with.

The legal sex industry is 90% about communication and 10% about sex. Click To Tweet

I didn’t want what they actually purchased but it’s not people that are necessarily scrimping up for a couple of bucks that walk through the front door, is it? You’ve had some big names that have been either rumored or attached with the Bunny Ranch. It’s not a cheap thing to turn up to.

It is a luxury experience. It’s so much more than what you expect it to be. There’s this awful stereotype that you come in and the girls must be and behave a certain way that we’re less than because of the line of work that we choose. In all reality, my coworkers are some of the most well-educated, well-spoken, intelligent, interesting human beings that I have ever met. They genuinely are elite class, world-class beautiful courtesans that are incredible companions and lovers as well.

I liked the way that you went for companion first. Do you get to see from the front line of the loss of intimacy and connection we’re having as people?

I would even go so far as to say that there is an intimacy epidemic in America. We have become an isolated community where we no longer sit and socialize with each other and communicate one-on-one, face-to-face. Instead, our cell phones get in the way and we hold them up in front of us as barriers to prevent us from connecting and working with those who are nearest to us. We’re halfway distracted in this cyberspace. We’ll look up every once in a while and come out of the phone, come and go, “What’d you say? I was distracted. What? Could you repeat that?” That’s not quality communication, nor is that any intimate communication. That’s part of distractedness and we deserve better.

We’ve touched on a past conversation but I want to walk through the picture. Walk us through the Bunny Ranch because you go through the front door, there’s a parlor, and then there’s a bar, is that correct?

Correct. The lineup or first meeting with the ladies happens in the parlor area. There are two different ways to meet ladies at the Bunny Ranch. The first way is through an appointment, “I’m available only through an appointment at this point,” which means that someone will have to send me an email. We choose the day and time to meet up. It also lets us get to know each other a little bit better in advance of our dates. If there isn’t someone that you’re interested in meeting in particular, you can instead do a line-up which is where all of the available ladies on shift will come out, introduce themselves by name, and you can choose which lady you would like to give you a tour of the property.

From there, the lady will then bring you through the parlor area and into our club. You’re welcome to grab a drink and take that along with you on the rest of the tour. We have the most incredible facilities there at the property. We have a saltwater heated pool with an attached Jacuzzi that we use during the summer months for the most fun pool parties. There are various suites and bungalows that are available with different themes. We also have services and amenities for the ladies themselves. For example, we have a doctor’s office that’s there on location. By law, we’re required to see the doctor each week, and as such the doctor comes to our facility which is helpful. It would be hard to take 30 girls and bring them to a doctor’s office. It’s way easier to bring the doctor to us.

When you said there was a doctor’s room, I was wondering if that was a fetish room or something to start with.

When the doctor isn’t there, it is available for experiences if somebody is interested in that.

I recall when I was working on the door. The saddest thing about working on the door is your job is only there to stop trouble. It’s not the guy that comes out, welcomes in and it’s not a pretty girl who’s taking the money. Your guy is there to meet you and they can kick them out if when they get out of hand. When you’re stood on the door and you see people coming forward, you have to try and entertain before they get in. Are these people a bit drunk? Are these people a bit rowdy? Do they have a bit cockiness on them?

You have to get all these little tips and tricks in you to try and suss out if you’re welcoming trouble into the club. If you’re in a line-up of say fifteen girls and you all stare at a guy for a start and I’m not easily confident or half of the time don’t care, but I’m a male. I would not want to be stared down by fifteen half-naked attractive women looking for me to make a response. I have to fall over. If a guy is doing that, how do you get a stand out between those fifteen? How do you make the connection? How do you know if that person is the right connect for you?

I always looked for somebody that’s present in the moment. I see if somebody has their eyes turned towards me. Are they willing to make eye contact directly? If they are, that’s a great sign that they’re interested and engaged with me and what it is I’m saying. I always try to look out for things that would indicate that someone is not sober. I’m not interested in working with someone that’s intoxicated. If someone’s speech is slurring or they seem to be stumbling, I’m not interested in moving forward with that. With that being said, I never liked to stereotype based off of that word appearances. If anything, I find that the outward appearance isn’t a great indicator for who somebody is on the inside.

We have this tendency to want to put on a show, especially in a situation where you’re being presented with 15 to 20 beautiful women. A lot of gentlemen will feel the need to dress up and wear a button-down, a suit or a tie. It’s obvious that this isn’t natural or comfortable for them. They’re standing there stiff and awkward. What I look for is somebody who’s chosen to present as themselves wearing comfortable clothing, they are present in their own skin and that’s the person that I’m most interested in spending time with.

It’s hard not to feel awkward. How can you not feel awkward in doing so because it’s not a normal occurrence, but do you get a lot of regulars for them that it is normal?

My business is a little bit different than most of the other ladies. I do work full-time all year round. As a result, I do have a lot of repeat frequent visitors. We meet up on a much more regular basis and as such, it’s a way more comfortable process for them.

AMT 1 | Intimate CommunicationWe had a fantastic breakfast once in Vegas. I was there for an event and you were there for an event with a friend of yours. We decided to have breakfast. The conversation was great. I felt that there was no subject that you didn’t feel, not only at ease to discuss, but you had a compelling way of putting the other person at ease when they were going to discuss it. Do you find that being able to talk about sex in that manner allows your communication skills to be so good in any other subject that you’re talking about?

Without any doubt, if you can get past the uncomfortability of talking about one of the most intimate and stigmatized topics, you literally can talk about anything with anyone. As a result, I get to have some of the most amazing and interesting conversations about topics that people would otherwise avoid. For example, I’m able to talk with a doula about the intricacies of childbirth and the things that we, as Americans, are unwilling to look at when babies are born. I get to talk with someone who’s an ER nurse about what are we doing to hurt ourselves the most? What are the stories from the ER that are most interesting and captivating? I get to have those shared experiences with someone because I’m not holding back. I’m fully engaging with them in a way that allows them to engage with me in a similar manner.

You have a YouTube channel as well that I want to give a big plug out too. Tell us a little bit about the YouTube channel and how they can get ahold of you on it.

I am on YouTube. I have a show each week, Coffee with Alice, that goes live on Thursday mornings. It’s a conversation about sex and we get to have some coffee too. It’s morning musings on the intimacy and breaking the topic of sex down into more of bite-sized conversations that you can have with anyone in your life whether it be a friend, lover, student, teacher. Whomever it is that’s present in your life that you want to communicate with, these are different topics that you can use as inspiration for that.

I’ve always said loudly that we should think with our head but we act with our stomach. There are a lot of people that look a certain way. Visually, you’re looking at them and you’re going, “That’s an expensive watch. That’s an expensive suit.” As you were saying, they’re not comfortable in that. Something is not right and it does not seem right. I’ve always been a great component to say trust your stomach more. Do you feel the industry that you’re in, your stomach is giving you the best guidelines? Has there ever been any situation where you’ve got to look to someone and going, “That person is cool only to be proven wrong?”

It’s always better to go with your gut rather than a visual sweep with someone because you figure stereotypes oftentimes are incorrect. They’re formed based off of all of these preconceptions that we have about what someone may be like. As a result, we fail to discover who they are as a person. We don’t give them the opportunity to identify themselves. The content of who someone is 100 times more important than what somebody looks like. If you’re going to get outside of that initial perception of an exterior shell and discover the innards of someone, you’re communicating on a level that matters and is authentic.

Would it be a stretch to say that you have another degree of being a therapist?

Not a stretch at all. We have mental health professionals that take care of mental health needs. We have spiritual leaders that take care of spiritual needs, doctors that take care of medical health needs. Why not sex workers to take care of sex health needs? We’re experts in our field with real-world experience and communicating as well as connecting with people. I’d say we’re akin to mental health professionals in the sense that we too are experts and service providers.

I can imagine all the nerves, then feeling awkward and all that. Do they tell you what they want or is it a case of you’ve got to dig it out to what they’re there for?

It takes a conversation to find out the true meaning behind somebody being at the Ranch. Oftentimes, I find that people are drawn to the Ranch without even understanding why themselves. They understand that there’s something missing but they can’t quite put their finger on what it is. That first conversation I have with someone is getting to know them better so I can help them discover the reasons as to why they are here and what they want to get out of that shared experience together. It’s an interesting topic to take the least because it’s easy to say, “Why are you here?” “I don’t know. I think I want to have the threesome.”

That’s easy but that’s also the surface level of things like, “Why a threesome? What is about the threesome that you’re interested in? Do you want the focused attention of two people on you or are you more interested in the voyeuristic and opportunity to watch two people engage with each other?” What facet of it is that’s your flavor? If you can dial down into the specifics of the details, that’s where I find that the magic happens. It’s not the action of what we’re doing, but why we’re doing it and that becomes important.

From the time that the guy walks through the front door, does all the parlor, does the bar, gets a tour, gets into the room, and converses with you prior to the act of sex, what’s the timeline on that? What’s that been like? Thirty minutes, forty minutes, an hour?

About 30 minutes, give or take. It depends on the season as to what tour we go on and how long we decide to spend. The Bunny Ranch is quite a large property. It does include quite a lot of spots that are outside. As a result, the tour can go on for 5 to 10 minutes if everything is open during the summer months. During the winter months, most people are more interested in getting inside and back into the warm. If the weather is cold, if it is fourteen degrees outside, we’re closing the door and going back inside.

I’m an idiot. I remember when I was going over to Vegas before we met. You told me you were from Reno, Nevada, and I thought, “Vegas is in Nevada. It will be a little, I’ll pop up and see you.” You suddenly realize that it’s still a five-hour drive from Las Vegas.

It is 5 to 6-hour drive from Vegas depending on how fast you’re going. There is a fast commuter plane that’s just one hour.

Outward appearance is never a great indicator for who somebody is on the inside. Click To Tweet

I didn’t tell you but I’ve got it. I won’t come up there. It’s too cold for me.

It’s freezing. I lived in here. It’s really cold.

I’m going back to the sex bit or I’m approaching for it for the first time, but what is the average amount of time for the sex? Was it a ten-minute thing?

It totally varies but generally speaking, it is not the focus of an experience. For some people, they might be coming in for more of a sex education experience. If that’s the case, we may break the experience sound where we’re practicing the sexual activity several times talking about the technique back and forth. That would look like a lot more time spent physically intimate, but there’s also a conversation component to it. With that being said, there’s always a communication aspect that tends to be the focus. There’s something beyond the sex occurring whether it be a conversation that we’re having, a dinner that we’re going out to, a shared experience that we want to have together, be it a movie or a museum. There is an unlimited amount of ways to spend time with a legal sex worker. It’s very much bespoke experience in that you get to determine what it looks like, what you want the focus to be and how long you want to spend doing each activity.

This may sound like I’m flip-flopping but I’m loving the communication aspect of what you do. It’s clear to me that there’s far more therapist conversation that goes on rather than the actual humpy-pumpy itself.

Sex is common in essence. I even go so far as to say sex is cheap. Intimacy is where the value is and that’s what makes us and our industry so different from anything else that’s out there.

Let’s pick on that party again that we spoke about at the beginning. You’re in an event and it’s well away from me now. There are legalities so let’s blank those out of it for the point of this example. Are the people bold enough to turn around and go, “You’re a professional sex worker so what are you doing tonight?” Do you ever get those people to do that?

All the time. Unfortunately, it comes as part of the sex stigma. If somebody finds out I’m a sex worker, many people are tempted to stop viewing me as a person and instead as the sex object, where all I exist for is the purpose of sex, having sex, doing sex, and talking about sex. As a result, they begin to objectify me both in the manner of speech and in the way that they treat me. Those kinds of suggestive like, “What are you doing tonight since you’re a sex worker? You must be horny 24/7.” Of course, that’s not the reality. That’s not how the real world works but those stereotypes and misconceptions are real.

I can relate. I get that all the time as well myself. It’s hard but when you look at what we do, you can’t blame them all the time.

Not at all.

One of the things I’d be interested in is in communicating with you several times is the confidence and the power you have. You don’t want to turn around into the guy and piss off like, “You’re a pervert.” You don’t want to be doing that, so how do you turn around to the person and go, “Not tonight?” How do you control the situation?

I use those stigmatized opportunities as an opportunity. I view it as a moment that I can then reach out to somebody and teach them and be like, “Why did you ask me what I’m doing tonight? Is it because I’m a sex worker? Are you assuming that I’m interested in you because of my profession?” I flip it around right back on them like I ninja and make them reconsider their biases. Oftentimes, people are baffled like, “What? What just happened?”

“You’re not supposed to talk to me. You’re supposed to want to have sex with me. You’re not supposed to challenge what I’m thinking.” I would pay to be in a bar and see someone have that conversation with you. That I would find funny because, as I mentioned at the beginning, you’re 4’8”. You’re not a large or tall girl but there’s a power in you when you communicate with people and how you have that eye-to-eye contact. Do you think you learn that from the Bunny Ranch or do you think you had it beforehand?

I always had to have a larger than life presence to not necessarily make up for my lack of height, but to justify the fact that I am here, present at that moment. There’s a temptation to downplay those who are petite because they’re diminutive, they’re small, they’re tiny, it’s easy to overlook them or over-talk them. As a result, I’ve become authoritative and confident in the way that I speak and I hold myself. There’s no reason for me to present as being smaller or less than when I’m very much so confident in what I’m saying.

I’m so comfortable in my knowledge basis. As a professional, I’m able to speak on a lot of topics with authority. There’s no reason to hold myself back. I’ve learned over the years to put myself out there. Being at the Bunny Ranch definitely helped with that skill because I’ve had to communicate with so many different people from all walks of life, all sorts of life experiences. I’ve learned to communicate more effectively and to meet someone halfway, breaking their standpoints and their viewpoints, and then counter that by putting myself into their shoes and bridging that communication gap.

AMT 1 | Intimate Communication

How do you communicate with the girls? Not the girls or the Bunny Ranch but the ladies that you meet outside. Do they find you a threat? Do they find you interesting?

I am very much so in naked mind to other women. They have difficulties wrapping their mind around the conceptualization of being intimate with people that you’re not committed or married to or brought up with this societal perception that we must be monogamous. We must have one dedicated partner and that having sex with multiple people is no way to be fulfilled. As a result, women are like, “How does that bring you happiness? Don’t you want to be married? Don’t you want to have that guy? Do you want to be doing this?” You always have to go back to the justification of, “No, my happiness comes from the connections that I get to have with so many people.” The fact that there are all these varied viewpoints, it’s not the same thing every single day. I very much so enjoyed that variety and believe that the tapestry of humanity is fascinating. I love it. A lot of people struggled to connect or relate to that.

I’m hearing one question that I’d imagine a bunch of people yelling at me. I’m going to put it through because I’m thinking about it in the back of my head. Is there a difference between sex and love?

They can both be the same thing as well as separate things. Sex can be an act but you can also put an emotion within that act. You can have loving sex. You can have passionate sex or angry sex. We all know about the whole concept of make-up sex, break-up sex, or angry sex. Sex can be all of these things. It can be loving, hateful, or all of these things wrapped into one. When it comes to love, it can have a sexual component. It can also be completely asexual such as the loving connection between two friends, coworkers, a mentor and a mentee, a boss and an employee, or a father and a child. That’s a loving relationship, but not a sexually intimate relationship. By trying to put one word and one definition to say that’s absolute is difficult to do because it depends on what kind of love, romance, sex? What’s the context?

With the amount of experience you’ve had in the arena, what are the next steps for Alice Little?

I have been exploring sex education on a grand scale. I found a statistic that only 13 of the 50 states are required to have scientifically accurate sex education.

When you say scientific fact sex ed, what do you mean by that?

In the rest of the country, they couldn’t teach about the stork and tell the stork story as being fact. They can say sex is only between a husband and a wife. They can say that sex is the act of two married people, kissing and holding hands, rubbing noses, or spinning around in a circle and clapping their hand three times. They can say anything they want under the sun because they’re not legally required to be accurate. It’s a scary statistic. As a sex worker, I get to see firsthand what happens when we don’t have sex education. A lot of my clients are virgins who have never had any experience whatsoever. I’m getting questions like, “Which way does the condom go on?” “Didn’t we do the thing with the banana and the condom in 10th or 11th grade?”

The answer is no, we didn’t do the condom banana thing. We never talked about condoms in the first place, dental dams, or safe sex practices. We told myths and lies about STDs and STIs. It’s entirely possible that we never talk to people about sex feeling good. We may have talked about sex for procreation purposes only. As a result, we have all of these weird perceptions around what we think sex and intimacy is and it’s a great American lie. The reality is we don’t talk about it. We have a huge population that doesn’t know about it. If you ask ten people, maybe two can tell you what a dental dam is and how to correctly use them. The next step for me is to get the message of sex education out on a bigger platform that looks like doing more YouTube videos by putting myself out there and being an educator, creating the content that does not exist. Sex education geared for adults that are interested in having a better and more pleasurable sex life.

If that does appeal to people that are reading this blog, what’s the YouTube channel called?

My YouTube channel is under Alice Little. You can find the show under Coffee with Alice.

Are there any blogs, websites, or any other ways of finding out about you and what you’re up in getting your education?

I’ve got my own website, and you can subscribe to my newsletter through there to get updates from my own personal blog. I am also on podcasting. I’ve got a podcast on both iTunes as well as Spotify, Wing Woman Podcast where I share different tips and tricks for your real-life on how to go out there and make relationships happen much in the same way that your show is about making things happen. My podcast is focused on how do you go about having a sex fantasy and making a sex fantasy happen. How do you talk about sex in the bedroom? How do you make these things into reality from the world of, “This happens at the brothel but I want to have it happen for me too?” This is how you do it. This is the Wing Woman Podcast.

I’m going to subscribe to that. I’m going to get my wife to subscribe to it as well.

Thank you.

Sex is cheap. Intimacy is where the value is. Click To Tweet

A couple of things that I’ve still got to ask and I say these questions are coming at me. I love having someone like you there to be able to answer these things that I’ve always buried in my head before. One of them straight out of the left-field, is porn good for sexual relationships or bad?

Porn is a tool that can either be used or abused. When used correctly, porn is an additive, a background that’s happening to an intimate encounter. It may look like porn playing on the TV and lighting up the positions that you see on there. That’s a good way to use porn. The problem is when we abuse porn and we become so desensitized that casual sex is no longer stimulating. There’s a new medical condition, Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction or PIED, which is caused by the overstimulation of oneself because you’re misusing porn, watching it, and touching yourself too aggressively. Porn can go either which way it depends. Are you using it or are you abusing it?

I was worried that it was given, I suppose, the youngsters. Being 51 years old, we never had access to the internet, let alone online porn. It didn’t exist then. Now, anyone can go on to even your Instagram postings with Insta models and all this thing and be suggested. Isn’t it not creating the wrong picture of what youngsters should be going for? I’ve got two young lads and that growing up. One of them sees a girl he fancies. She tells him she’s on Instagram and all of a sudden she’s doing butt shots and stuff like that. Is it not giving us the wrong impression of what people should look like?

It is a caricature of reality. Instagram with all of the filters and face tuning, it’s a digital manipulation. It’s a lie. That is not what anyone’s reality looks like or anyone’s behind genuinely looks like. Sorry boys but women are not born with peach-shaped butts. That’s not real. That’s either plastic surgery or face tuned. When it comes to porn, the problem is it gives us this misconception and this falsified version of sex. Porn is not real sex. Porn is a performance. It’s the reason why we call them porn performers, porn actors, or porn stars.

It’s not true life. We should not be using porn as our model for sex. As a sex worker, I can tell you, nobody says, “Do you like it?” “I like it.” That’s not what anyone sounds like during sex. The only reason that somebody would say that during sex is if they are imitating porn, not imitating real life. Porn is porn. Real-life is real life. You can enjoy porn and use it in your real-world experiences but you’re not a porn star and you shouldn’t be trying to pound your poor partner into the bed for 45 minutes. You’re going to hurt them and hurt yourself too.

What is your stance on legalized prostitution throughout America?

I am all for it. We need to take it to the other 49 states. I can finally announce that we have formed the Nevada Brothel Association, which will protect to the continued legalization in Nevada as well as work to bring brothels to the other 49 states.

You mentioned about trying to educate people that weren’t scientifically educated in the schools. Have you ever thought about doing the rounds and teaching in schools?

It would be terribly interesting to create a curriculum specifically for Nevada about the brothels as well as the curriculum from the standpoint of, “Here’s a little legal sex worker wants you to know about sex and intimacy.” It’s a valuable education and set of information that people need to have. When it comes to respecting and talking about legalized sex work, who better to learn from than a legal sex worker.

I’m not even on about the legality of the sex worker, I’m all about the education of the relationships. I’m not going to pick on my boy but my boy is a teenager. He’s being faced with the illusion of what a girl and a relationship is, and what the illusion of a beautiful girl looks like. Reality is something different. You want a partner, someone that’s got your back, someone who’s on your side rather than someone that constantly walks around a swimming pool in high heels.

We need to talk about what makes a quality relationship and connection. What are the qualifications that you’re looking for in somebody that you want to connect with? If the very first thing is, “I want her to have a nice butt, long legs, wear high heels, and wear lingerie.” Are those the things that are going to matter in years? Probably not. Are those long-term connection points? Where are those surface-level perceptions that we only care about at the moment? You’ve got to care about who somebody is, not what they look like. That goes back to our first talking point of what do I look for in someone? The reality is that I’m not looking for anything that is on the outside that they have the ability to purchase that character trait and wear it on their shirt like a logo. It’s fake and nothing I’m interested in. I’m looking for somebody who’s kind, not somebody that can afford to dress themselves from head to toe with Balenciaga and Gucci. I don’t care about that. I care about the content and the quality of someone.

I’m very aware of your time. I’m seeing you on different interviews and things. I’m floored and thrilled that you took the time to take another chat with me. I’ve got a shout out, a big thanks to you, Alice. You’re a cool cat and I’d love getting to chat with you.

Thank you. I’ve got to say I always love getting the opportunity to chat with you. You’re such an interesting person.

I remember finding out my wife and go, “I’m going to have breakfast with Alice.” She was like, “Really?” She wanted to come along as well because it would have been a great conversation. When you’re in LA, we’re going to have to do that. Alice, you’re a star. I love you. Look after yourself. Shout out. How could people get hold of you? Push it again. Tell us.

Check me out on my website, If you have any questions at all about anything sex or intimacy-related, email me at I am an open book and I mean that. Ask me anything and I will answer.

If any of you want to email me on any of your sexual issues, then don’t. Alice, look after yourself.

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About Alice Little

AMT 1 | Intimate CommunicationI am a unique red-headed Irish courtesan in my 20s that stands at just 4’8″ tall. Petite and pretty are two common ways that others use to describe me. However, that just barely scratches the surface as to who I am! I’m a friendly, easy going lady who is passionate about the world around me. I’m often told that my intellect and charm are two of my most striking features! Getting to know others and enriching their lives is extremely important, and is something I consider to be my mission in life. My philosophy on my work as a luxury companion is that we live in a world where intimacy is not longer encouraged. We’re moving away from human connection and into a more static way of interacting with the world around us. I believe that romance isn’t dead- instead, you just have to go out and seek it. For those seeking, you’ve found me!

I’m a well-educated woman who has been blessed to receive a college education. My college classes include psychology, sociology, history, anatomy, and a variety of other specialized topics. Because of my background I’m able to converse on a wide variety of topics! You’ll never be bored during our time together, as there is always an interesting conversation or interaction to be had! There’s a reason I’m a luxury companion! Additionally, I am an internationally acclaimed BDSM and Sex Educator, having appearing at over 50 events in the past 3 years. I have lectured on the topics of Negotiations and Consent, ED Conditions with a focus on porn induced erectile disfunction, fetishes, safe sex for threesomes, and many more. You can find some of my articles on these topics right here.

I am a lady of many talents- at a restaurant, I am a classic beauty, charming and captivating. Conversation flows effortlessly with me. Sexually, I am a minx. Coy, playful, and teasing I thrive in our mutual passion and pleasure. I passionately pursue conversation, and live for the snap-shot memories of mutual experience. My experiences are enjoyed by those with an appreciation for the little pleasures in life. Men, Women, and Couples are all treasured guests who I look forward to spending time with! Virgins, older gentlemen, single women, those with mobility differences, those on the autism spectrum, veterans, couples – the list is truly limitless. I am so excited to get to know you, and I’m looking forward to the magic we can create together.