Amanda Holmes; Fueling the Sales Machine

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Amanda Holmes experienced a life-altering event when she witnessed her father’s death at the young age of 55. The tragic loss made her question her future in the family business, as she feared it would lead her down the same path. For the first two and a half years following her father’s passing, Amanda sought other leadership positions to fill the void. However, people around her couldn’t understand why she was there, and she couldn’t shake off the feeling of not wanting to be involved. What made matters more complicated was the fact that her father never discussed his companies or his expectations with her. Despite spending countless nights in the hospital with him, he never shared this vital information. When asked about her father’s plans, Amanda could only provide vague answers about his companies and public speaking engagements. Before her father’s illness, Amanda had pursued a career as a singer-songwriter in Los Angeles and had even released her fourth record. However, her life took a drastic turn when her father fell ill. She believed that stepping into the family business would put her life at risk. And thus, her journey in the business world began.