Anthony Constantino; Co-Founder of Sticker Mule

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Anthony Constantino is a man of action, ambition, and vision. He’s the co-founder of Sticker Mule, a custom printing company that’s taken the internet by storm, the creator of a viral hot sauce brand, and an active professional boxer. But his latest project has the potential to be his most impactful yet. At the helm of Stimulus, a social media network that replaces traditional advertising with cash giveaways, he’s out to build a more authentic, happy, and useful social network — right when the world needs it most. 

A self-described “accidental entrepreneur”, Anthony started Sticker Mule on a whim in 2010 with a 72 year old co-founder who had never used the internet before. It became an instant success. By making it  “fast and easy” to buy custom products, Anthony grew Sticker Mule into a thriving operation spanning 16 countries across 4 continents, serving everyone from large corporations like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to regular people who print their dogs and cats.

Thanks to Sticker Mule’s success, he was able to fund an ambitious new project: Stimulus, a social network that helps people make money. Built around a unique model that replaces traditional ads with giveaways, Stimulus encourages generosity by design. Anthony faced countless challenges and skeptics along the way, but he never wavered in his vision. And now, Stimulus is here — and it’s already proving to be a better model for the future of social media.