Anthony Stephen Malone; Former British Elite Paratrooper, CIA Asset and UK citizen

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Anthony Stephen Malone (Rogue Warrior).

Patron. Ambassador. Former Paratrooper, Bodyguard. Elite Operator. Former CIA Agent. Author 4 books (Honour Bound Rogue Warrior parts 1 – 2 and United Nations Faces of Hope). Guest Speaker. Host of the Patriot Show (Supporting veterans).

Anthony speaks very candidly about being a Patriot and coming from a military family of 5 generations; being a Paratrooper at 17 with 4 Para then 3 Para; time in Germany, Northern Ireland, Kenya and Cyprus; being awarded British and French wings. He also discusses:

  • Private security work across Africa and Lebanon.
  • Special Adviser for Sky News and Sunday Times.
  • Being an embedded combat photographer with 101st Airborne Division in Iraq with General David Petraeus.
  • Working with American Intelligence in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.
  • 3 years undercover as an American Intelligence Agent in Pul-I-Charkhi prison, Afghanistan with Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

Resulting in hundreds of British and coalition lives being saved and IED and suicide attacks stopped.

A not so welcoming home coming to the UK, due to politics!

  • “Patriot” and dedicated efforts to help fellow Veterans and families across UK and USA.
  • 2021 Patriot awarded the Bronze and Silver awards by Ministry of Defence for work supporting veterans across the UK.
  • Heading up Operation “Patriot”, Afghanistan. Helping 400+ vulnerable people, evacuation and keeping families and children safe. Articles in Daily Telegraph and BBC radio. 100+ days on the ground in Afghanistan 2021-2022. A cat and mouse game of life and death with ISIS-K.
  • Meetings with senior Taliban Government in Kabul and Haqqani network in Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds. Delivering medical supplies and medical treatment to vulnerable families.
  • 2021/2022. 190 days being held hostage by Taliban with 5 other British nationals in a Taliban underground interrogation centre in Kabul.

(Beaten by Rogue element within Taliban for being a British military veteran).

  • Patron and Ambassador of several charities and NGO organisations in UK, USA, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan.

What it’s like to interview former colleagues and friends from CIA including the “Real Jack Ryan”, DEA Director and members of the FBI. Some Dear Diary moments and funny stories.

An Informative and inspirational talk, interview about life and the road less travelled. A life that is “Honour Bound”.