Anthony Stephen Malone; An Amazing Story of Service and Sacrifice

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The chance to serve your country has to be one of the highest honors you can aspire to achieve.

Our latest guest on The Art of Making Things Happen is a person who deserves ultimate honors for his sacrifice to not only his government but to governments around the world.

Anthony Stephen Malone has lived a life worthy of legend, except that it’s all real. He’s written about it in a two part series called Honour Bound.

He has served as a paratrooper for the British Military. He also served as a military photographer and fought alongside the American 101st Airborne. Last, he served as an undercover asset for the CIA during the war against terrorism.

As you’ll see, his sacrifice to the duty of all was much greater than the average soldier. Take a look into the life of the Rogue Warrior.

Serving His Country

Long before Anthony Malone was a Rogue Warrior, he was a fifth-generation paratrooper in the British Military. As a member of the Elite British Parachute Regime, he moved into military photography during the war in Iraq.

There he worked with the 101st Airborne, an American troop stationed in Iraq, serving under Commander David Petraeus.

Throughout his service, he crossed every country in the Middle East. Specifically, he served in Syria, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, and UAE. His wealth of experience in the Middle East made him the perfect asset for the intelligence community, especially the CIA.

His experience with the 101st Airborne Division was where he met many intelligence officers.

Becoming an Asset for the CIA

Malone worked undercover for six months, infiltrating Hezbollah. It was there that he learned some of the skills that would help him navigate the murky waters of working undercover right inside a terrorist ring.

Three Years of Sacrifice

Based on some intelligence he had acquired, Malone became a prime asset for the American Government through the CIA during the War on Terror. He served three years in an Afghan prison alongside 5,000 terrorists from the Al-Qaeda, Taliban, and ISIS networks during his undercover mission.

During his three-year stay in one of the world’s violent prisons. He worked to gain the trust of high-asset individuals from these terrorist organizations. At any moment, Malone was in danger of being exposed and killed.

Within the walls of Pul I Charkhi Max Security Prison, he obtained intelligence about suicide bombings, IED attacks on forces across Kurdistan, Afghanistan, and Northern Iraq, and ambushes on ISAF soldiers. With this intel, he saved countless lives.

Not only that, his intelligence thwarted a Times Square car bomber and an attack against Buckingham Palace, No 10 Downing Street, and Liverpool FC.

His most successful piece of intel was providing the location of Osama Bin Laden, leading to America’s successful killing of Bin Laden.

A Not-So-Welcome Homecoming

Sacrificing his life once again for the benefit of others, Anthony Malone refused to give up any intelligence that could undermine Osama Bin Laden’s capture.

As a result of Britain’s concern of his connection with terrorists inside the walls of Pul I Charkhi Max Security Prison, Malone was jailed in England for four more years.

It was an ironic fate for a man who had risked three years in jail to save the lives of many in America, England, and Canada.

A New Mission

These days, Malone is working to help homeless veterans in America and the UK. He also provides help for soldiers who have PTSD, something he has wrestled with himself.

He has also recently published a series entitled Honour Bound, which chronicles his amazing adventures.

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