Brian Bogert; The Human Behavior Performance Coach

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What makes some people have the capacity to achieve tremendous fame, success, or high achievement while others stay stuck in mediocrity?

How can we break through our current performance plateaus and finally reach our true potential?

These were some of the questions answered on our last interview on The Art of Making Things Happen Podcast with human behavior and performance coach Brian Bogert.

Brian Bogert is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Coach. He is a contributor to Forbes, where he has written articles about business, mindset, and human behavior.

Brian helps executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and growth-minded people reach their full potential through his coaching sessions and No Limits Playbook.  His unique approach to coaching comes from both personal and professional experiences.

Read on to learn Boger’s unique story and insights into human behavior and performance coaching.

How Brian Learned to Live With No Limits

At the age of seven, Brian was run over by a truck. During the accident, his left arm was severed from his body. Luckily, he was able to have his arm reattached, although it would never be the same.

Over the course of five to six years, Brian had 24 surgeries on his arm. He had to adjust to a whole new set of behavioral patterns to get through his day after the accident. It instilled in him a mental toughness.

He vowed to succeed despite his physical challenges. Throughout this experience, he learned a lot about mental toughness, emotional intelligence, human behavior, vulnerability, and authenticity that have become components of his coaching.

How Human Behavior Plays a Role in Performance

Bogert believes it’s often behavioral patterns that lead to incorrect outcomes versus strategy and tactics. In his coaching, Bogert works to get to the core of an individual, so they become more self-aware and understand their patterns of behavior.

When people understand how their behavior patterns and emotional triggers have gotten them stuck, they can work to change those behaviors to become unstuck. Sometimes making small mental tweaks are all that is needed for a breakthrough.

Once those factors of human behavior are addressed, improved performance is often the result.

Operation Impact

Brian Bogert is on a mission to impact a billion lives over the next 25 years. Needless to say, this is a very audacious goal.

Knowing that he will not be able to coach that many people in 25 years, he has loaded his website with a bunch of free material to check out and share with friends. He also has a trifecta of podcasts that he runs.

If you’re curious about checking them out, they are called the Identity Shift Podcast, 15 Minutes With Friends, and the Fix Yourself Podcast.

For those who love to find their inspiration through the pages of a book, you can check out Own The Microphone: How 50 of the World’s Best Professional Speakers Launched Their Careers (And How You Can, Too!)

If you’re looking to increase your productivity, eliminate negative behaviors, or make a breakthrough in 2021, you may want to start with one of the free resources mentioned above.

Ready to Live With No Limits in 2021?

If you’re ready to live with no limits in 2021, please check out Brian Bogert’s website and social media channels. If you’re ready to dive into a coaching session, you can sign up and read testimonials here.

Be sure to check out Brian’s excellent interview with us, and as always, for more great content on business, entrepreneurship, and more, follow The Art of Making Things Happen Podcast!

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