Brian Grasso & Carrie Campbell; Dynamic Mindset Training Duo

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Brian and Carrie, a dynamic duo powerhouse couple have been changing l lives together for the last 13 years and an additional 15 years prior on their own before meeting, falling in love in and choosing to lead a life together of impact.

Together they founded the “Eliminate Your Limits Mindset System” beginning in 2010 and have been impacting, changing and saving lives ever since.

Brian, an 18 year veteran of the sports training industry, worked as a Performance Coach for National Team, Professional and Olympic athletes worldwide. He founded the largest youth development educational organizations in the industry, serving as its CEO for nearly 8 years and co-created one of the fastest growing sport and fitness franchises in the United States along with it.

Brian authored “The Audacity of Success”, co-authored the bestseller “Total Body Transformation”, wrote and co-produced the landmark short film “Life by Numbers” and has written for magazines around the globe, including Men’s Fitness, Inked and Bulace.

His most recent book is called “Mindset Matters Most” and was listed #1 on the “Personal Development” section at Amazon for a period of 7 weeks after its release.

Carrie Campbell is a Licensed Counsellor and has worked with populations ranging from children with special needs and addicts, to high-performing corporate executives and celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and sport. 

Her current list of personal clients includes NBA superstars, 9-figure corporate executives and individuals working through addiction.

She has spoken on stages worldwide as an expert in Mindset and Emotional Intelligence, having co-developed the landmark system, “Eliminate Your Limits” – a process that New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Benjamin Hardy referred to as “the most scientifically valid mindset system on the planet”

Carrie wrote the Amazon best-selling book, “People Pleasing Nearly Killed Me”, which sat at #1 of the “Stress Management” category for nearly 3-months after its release in 2016.

Currently they are forging the way for the next generation with E.L.I., their App that is under development set to release in early 2023. E.L.I. is designed to integrate tools, strategies and coaching on mindset and emotional intelligence into a gamified experience for young people.

The mission behind E.L.I. is to eliminate teenage suicide and the use of pharmaceuticals for emotional management.

Among the many projects they are working on they are both professional athletes.. Brian, as a competitive powerlifter and Carrie a professional fitness competitor who secured 3rd place in the world in 2021 in her division.

This couple has no shortage of inspiration, insights and lessons to share with the world to create the greatest impact possible.

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