Cameron Herold; Investing in Leadership Growth

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Welcome to another captivating episode of “The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims,” where today, we’re diving deep with the exceptional Cameron Herold, a seasoned leader and business growth expert. Cameron takes us through the critical significance of nurturing our teams—investing in the development of their skills to pave the way for significant long-term achievements within our organizations.

He sheds light on the common oversight within companies to properly train managers in vital areas like conducting interviews, handling meetings efficiently, coaching subordinates, and resolving conflicts. Then, steering into the digital age, Cameron talks about his explorations with audiobooks and AI, revealing his fascinating project to clone his voice using cutting-edge artificial intelligence.
As we wander into the world of ever-evolving AI tools, Cameron stresses the importance for employees to become fluent with these resources to ensure their continued relevance in the modern job market. He also highlights the benefits of businesses encouraging a culture where employees are given the opportunity to explore AI to drive company advancement.

Throughout our conversation, you’ll gain insights into Cameron’s course for CEOs, learn the essence of personal selling, and understand why fostering a culture where education and community are paramount can increase loyalty among team members.

Cameron’s journey from a natural leader in youth to a mentor himself reveals the long-standing roots of his educational ethos. He shares his experience scaling 1-800-GOT-JUNK and touches on his “Invest in Your Leaders” course, designed to elevate management across 12 fundamental skills.
Capturing wisdom from his six books, including the cult-followed “Vivid Vision,” Cameron discusses the power of aligning a company through a shared, crystal-clear future vision. As we wrap up, don’t miss where to find Cameron online, learn about his COO Alliance, and discover how his “Second in Command” podcast could benefit your business.