Chris Casamassa; Martial Arts Maven and Hollywood Hero Against Bullying

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Chris Casamassa began studying martial arts under the watchful eye of his father,
American Martial Arts pioneer Louis D. Casamassa at the young age of 4 and earned
his first degree Black belt by the age of 10. He has been actively seeking knowledge
ever since.

Now a 10th degree Black Belt, and the current CEO of the 17 Red Dragon Karate studios
in southern California, Chris oversees operations and actively trains and coaches the
instructors, managers and owners of the RDK studios on a weekly basis.

Chris is a rare individual who ignites excitement and captivates audiences around the
globe. His expertise spans a vast array of subjects, from startup strategies and small
business operations to social media, referrals, internal marketing, and of course martial
arts and the world of movies. With his boundless knowledge, Chris empowers and inspires business owners and
entrepreneurs, guiding them towards building effective systems, amplifying their
message, and ascending to the realm of leadership, authority, and celebrity influence in
their chosen fields. Through his approach, Chris paves the way for individuals to unlock
their fullest potential, both professionally and personally, leading them to unparalleled
success. Chris can share relevant, actionable strategies that anyone can use—even if
they’re starting from scratch.

He is a 3x best selling author, his first two books on bully prevention called: Bully Proof
Life, & Bully Proof Fitness and 1 on business called: Business Kombat All three books
are available on Amazon.

Chris has appeared in dozens of films and Television shows. Including Batman & Robin,
Blade, Walker: Texas Ranger, and dozens more including his iconic role as Scorpion in the
billion dollar Mortal Kombat franchise.

He also competed professionally on the North American Sport Karate Tour (NASKA)
where he amassed a very impressive string of titles: he is a 4 time #1 national forms
champion, a 2 time national weapons champion, and a top 5 rated middleweight fighter.

More about Chris: