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Hey, how you doing? And welcome back to another episode of the art of making things happen with me, your host, Steve Sims. I’ve got Chris Naugle on the podcast today. Some of you may be thinking, I know that name and yes, you will. He’s a bit of a TV boy. So he’s got some great stuff. He’s a disruptor. He is a constant failure. He has fallen on his ass more times and I’m sure as hell he realizes. But he has always got up, he is a fighter. He is a champion. He’s got some stuff that’s going to help you. So get ready to be shaken up, get ready to be disrupted and disturbed. And welcome to the show. You’re going to be listening to Chris Naugle. Enjoy. Hey Chris, welcome to the show. Hey man. Happy to be here. Thanks for having me. Now. I did a little intro before you came on that everyone heard and there’s some people there and I didn’t lay it into the intro. And there’s some people that I know that guy I’ve heard of that fella. You’re a bit of a TV star.

Just a little bit. Yeah, me and my wife had it. It was fun. It was a great time. Great time.

It did really well. I want to get into that more because of, you know, how you got into it, how it’s benefit, how you used it as an opportunity, but you didn’t, you weren’t born a TV star. So tell me about your background and how you grew up into the position of quite simply being so valuable that you were primetime audience.

I mean, I grew up very well in a very lower, lower middle class family. Dad was an alcoholic. Mom raised me and my mom always taught me, even though she had no money, she taught me to dream big. And by the time I was 16 years old, I was so sick of, I worked for a restaurant and they degraded me awfully. So I went and I started my own clothing line in mom’s basement called fat clothing company. So I became an entrepreneur at the age of 16 with a loan for $500 from my local credit union. And that’s where it all began by 17. I had now I was at, at that time, my number one dream in the world was to be a pro snowboarder. So that’s all I thought about. So my clothing line was nothing more than a means to give me gas money, to get to snowboard competitions. And then once I got there, I’d fend for myself. But that clothing line, how it helped me is as I traveled for snowboarding, I would sell my clothes to the shops along the way. And by after a year of opening it, I had my clothing and I think about 20 different shops. I was making enough money to support my snowboarding, you know, habit or whatever you want to call it. My dream. And by 17, I started kind of getting my next dream. I saw all these shop owners living the life I wanted. They had this store, the snowboard skateboard shop. They were snowboarding during the day, running their shops at night. I’m like, I got the clothing line. I got the dream. I just need the shop, which required $70,000 to open that store. Now, remember I’m a 17 year old punk snowboard kid. I don’t have 70 grand. I had a beat up, I don’t know what I was driving then a Buick. And I went around to every single person I knew that had, or I thought I had money and I asked them for money. And I got told, no, absolutely not. Hell no, no way kid go get a job right down to my dad saying, son, you gotta stop with this dream and come work at the factory. I’ll get you an interview. Well, that resulted in me mailing dad, a cat’s in the cradle cassette, cause it was cassettes back then. And I just chased that dream. Now I almost gave up, but then my mom came in and said, listen, you can’t give up on this dream. This is what you want. I’m going to put my house up on the line so that you can chase your dream.

Now, my mom had nothing except for this house. So she, it was a really foolish thing of her to do. And she put her house on the lines or 17 year old punk snowboard kid could chase his dream and do this shop. And that’s exactly what she did. And I call her the unconditional one and Fatman Board Shops came to be November of 1994. And I ran those shops successfully until 2010 when I sold them off. And today they’re still in operation running strong. So that’s kind of where it began. There’s a lot more into there, but I’ll kind of pause and just see if there’s anything you want to hit on in that.

 So you, as usual entrepreneurs, we do things for a byproduct and you launched a clothing line quite simply to be able to satisfy your addiction. Right? Right. So that is not what the TV show is. That is not what you write countless very successful books on. So we’ve got a transition that we’re going to play with now. So you found, you discovered, you already knew you were an entrepreneur. But you discovered you kind of liked the business side of things and the snowboard shops are still going. What was the next step that got you into quite simply the real estate and investment?

This is where the story really gets fun. So I was running these stores. I was a pro snowboarder. So I was living the life. And when the planes hit the towers in the early two thousands, I’d never been through a recession. I thought this was what life was going to be like this little fairytale, the world that I was living in. And when those planes hit the tower, my business took a screeching halt and I was forced to go look for a job. And I had to decide, was I going to deliver pizzas at night or find a big boy job that was going to help me get through it. And I landed in the financial advisory world. So this is where I kind of, I took everything. So I loved the movie wall street. I don’t know what it was about that movie, but I just loved Michael Douglas in that.

I always admired and wanted, you know, similar things that he had. So that’s what got me to becoming a, an advisor, a stockbroker, if you will. And I entered that business in 2003. So that business was supposed to just be a temporary thing to give me enough money, to get back to just running my shops and being a pro snowboarder, but as many things in life and our lives happen, I loved it and I thrived on it and it taught me something really important to talk about entrepreneurship is I was always the guy that worked in the business with the shops, right? I was the guy, but then when I got this advisory career and I was doing really well, I look back and I said, you know what? I have to start working on the business, not in the business. And that’s when Fatman really exploded and became the business that it was when I sold it.

But I was off, doing money, wearing a suit every single day, helping people with the retirement and everything else. So that’s how I got into the money side. Now let’s go a little further forward by 2008, I was one of the top advisors in the firms, one of the top three guys. So I was crushing it financially. And by this point I’d watched a couple TV shows much like the one I was in Risky Builders where they were flipping houses and I’m like, wait a second. So I can make an extra 30 to a hundred grand by flipping a house in 23 minutes. You know, that that doesn’t happen, but I had flipped, but there’s hopefully a course out there for $49 that will convince you that it does or 49,000. You never know. So that, that was what I was doing. I flipped two houses by 2008.

And then I had my next big dream, which was to buy this dilapidated paint store, two buildings down from my main store. And I was going to convert it into a strip mall. Cause I didn’t like my landlord and I was sick of paying them rent. And I said, if I buy this building, I converted, my tenants will pay my rent. Sounds like a great idea. What I, and then I borrowed money from a hard money lender that I shouldn’t have this group of guys that just the wrong kind of people to borrow money from. I call them knuckles, but I got into it and buy, you know, what happened next? You know exactly where I’m going with this. That’s when the great recession hit and that great recession hit me like a Mack truck at full steam. And it brought me to my knees.

That's when the great recession hit and that great recession hit me like a Mack truck at full steam Share on X

I got to be one payment away from being completely bankrupt, right to the point where my, my beautiful wife now was my girlfriend. She had just moved into my house and I came home one night and I said, sweetie, I need your help paying the mortgage. I need your help paying the utilities. And you’re not going to like this one. I got to rent that bedroom out to my friend, Pete, because I can’t make it. I had a 50 50 shot. She was going to walk out the door and I’d never see her again. Or she really liked me. And she was going to stick around, well, you know, the rest of that story, she really liked me and she stuck around and that’s kind of got me through that time. And in 2009 to 14, I was back at it. I wanted to buy more real estate cause it was low, And Warren Buffett says, buy low, sell high, don’t lose money. That’s when I really catapulted into real estate, I got up to 36 units. I was buying apartment buildings, pennies on the dollar and I was doing it all wrong, but I thought it was doing it right. And by 14, the dust had settled. I had 36 units and I went from my 37th property. And the bank said, no, but then the bank said, not just, no, they said, you know, Mr Naugle, you don’t fit the little square box. So we can’t give you this mortgage, but we also have to freeze your lines of credit, which was the nail. And that was the nail in the coffin. So I had to sell all 36 units. I had to sell my dream house that me and Larissa had bought. So here I was right in 2008, I was the rock star.

Then I lost it all 2014. I’d got it back. And here I was again, living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet just because of one wrong turn, because I didn’t understand how money worked. And that was like the point where I, you know, you may be, you start thinking to yourself sometimes, you know, I’m a failure. I can’t do anything. Right. We had problems in our relationship because of this financial problem. And I went to Thailand with a backpack for a month to clear my head. And that was, that was that turnaround point where I realized I had to do something different. I had to learn the truth because the wealthy people, I knew they were in real estate, but they, they seem to be doing something very different because they weren’t making money and then falling on their face. Like I was.

And that’s when I started seeking the knowledge and I went to a three day training and I met two people there, Greg and Mike, but I didn’t go to that three day training. Cause I wanted to learn. I went because they were giving away a free iPod shuffle. And at that moment when I met these guys and I heard them speak, I realized that everything I’d been taught about money, everything as being a high level advisor, I was taught was the complete opposite of what these two guys were doing. And that’s where my journey really began because I dove in and I started following the wealthiest people around multimillionaires billionaires. And I started asking them the same questions. You know, how are they doing what they’re doing? How did they do it financially? Where did their money come from? And I pieced together something that I never thought I would, I never thought about.

And what I found is what the wealthy do with money is the complete opposite of what we are taught to do with money because they don’t give up control of their money. We do, we give control to advisors like, like I was, we give up control to retirement accounts. We put money in banks and just leave it, sit there. The wealthy don’t do that with money, the wealthy move, their money. They know how to move the money. They don’t have to mimic what the banks do with money. And because of that, they make twice as much they’re in full control of their money and they hardly take on any risk. And when I saw this, I’m like, Holy crap. I have to learn how and that’s, that was 14. So up until now, that was my journey. And it costs a lot of money, a lot, a lot of years of my life, a lot of hardships, but I’ve learned it and I’ve cracked the code and that’s where I’m at now.

Now we want to come back to this cause this is a very valuable and I will say violent shift that we have to have. Cause a lot of people have been amazed on banks. Now there’s not, there’s not a period of recession or political turmoil. There were countless times, countless times we see in the news banks and our name, them Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, not your little mom and pop, pocket banks, big corporations getting sued for either pushing people into accounts or doing this or whatever. Yet we still go back to them. It’s like, it’s a case of what we know is bad for us, but Hey, that’s the only soup we’re allowed. And we’re going to go back into that and I’ll try not to get as hot and heavy about it. Cause it does piss me off about it too.

Everything else has been disrupted out there and there’s change going on in any free kind of business in a planet, apart from these banks. And I don’t understand that. And what happens when they screw up, they get a bailout. So, all right. So again, I’ll try not to get hot on that, but somewhere in this, between you, you know, not screwing up, but failing. And I never looked at failure as a bad thing. But you made mistakes. Things changed. The world adapted economy’s changed with sessions came in. So this constant up and down, you ended up in a very successful HGTV show. How did that come about?

Well, it came about when I met those two, Greg and Mike now Mike had his show on A&E. And I remember from them, we had paid a bunch of money. I swipe my credit card until the thing was on fire. And I went to a three day summit in Las Vegas. These were the guys you went to just to get the, a, the iPod. Well, yeah, they, they were the speakers at this event where the iPod was giving away. That was an expensive iPod actually just to be at that three day event, cost me two grand and then I had to pay, I think I spent all in all with this company about 80 grand, but you know, and some people say I’m crazy, but you know, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. If I didn’t do this, not because I learned a bunch, but because of the connections I made on this journey and at this event that I went, I saw several of the TV show stars on the stage, tell their stories.

And I looked at my wife and I said, sweetie, if we’re ever going to get on that stage, we got to have a show. And she looked at me and said, you’re right. I don’t know the first thing about doing that. But I did because as a pro snowboarder, I spent countless times filming video parts. Not only that I took those video parts. And when I had my shops, we had a video thing where we made our own local videos. So I knew a thing or two about filming. And I knew the people that were filming. So I hired a film crew to follow us around on three different houses and just film these houses, going through the renovations. But our show was a twist. It wasn’t just flipping houses. It was flipping houses with a twist of jackass, if you will. That was kind of the mix it’s, you know, flip or flop with jackass because we were, you know, skating around the houses.

And I had my demo crew was my old skateboard team. It was a wild little concept that we had. And that’s how, the whole show happened. But it didn’t just happen. A lot of people think, you know, I got this idea, I filmed a little thing. I sent it to HGTV and they were like, we love you actually quite the opposite. We sent that to them and they said, Nope, we don’t like it. It’s a little bit, it’s a little different than what we’re looking for. So we ended up getting, I don’t want to say canceled, but we ended up not getting picked up. And then we had to go back and reinvent ourselves, find a different producer. And then we got picked up at that time. So it was a four year journey to get that TV show and then it aired.

I sent it to HGTV and they were like, we love you actually quite the opposite Share on X

Then we had great reviews. We heard six times and then HG got bought by Discovery and boom, the door slammed in our face and they said, we’re not going onto the next series. You’re done. Imagine that your whole life, your whole dream, everything you’re trying to do is this show. And then it gets your door gets slammed in your face. Which to be honest, if, if that show happened, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today because that show, although that was great is a great catapult, great media play, not a great business model. You don’t make much money from the show. Actually you make a lot less from having a show. It takes all your time and you eat, unless you get off to second, third season where you’re making good money off of your endorsement, it’s a dead end road. And I, I didn’t think that I was, so I was wearing the rosy colored glasses thinking that this is it. And you know what, the best thing that could have happened is when we didn’t get picked up for the next series and I went on to be doing what I’m doing now, which is teaching people how money really works, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Oh yeah, look, I’m in Hollywood. And I see this all the time. You get these people with, with those glasses that you’re talking about and they see that, you know, as soon as I’m on a TV show, I’m going to be on a hundred grand an episode. They realize that they don’t actually make any money for like the first year until it gets picked up the second year. Most of it is strangled out and that’s still paying for that cost. So you’re right. You want third season before you suddenly start seeing the caching come in. And it’s a very, very tough industry. You’re right. If you had of, if they had of picked you up, that could have actually been extremely detrimental for you.

It would have been, I mean, it was at that time though, it couldn’t have been the worst blow. When we got that news in 2018, we weren’t moving on. I mean, that was literally like the, the blow that we just didn’t know how we were going to rebound. And if it wasn’t for one of my friends, actually, Greg, the guy I met at that three day event, if it wasn’t for him calling me and literally talking me off the ledge, I don’t know what would have happened because I was in a down place at that. Cause I, my whole life’s been as big roller coaster as you can see, you know, these highs, these incredible highs and these unbelievable lows. And I thought it was going to go back down. One of those lows and Greg called me and he said, exactly what you just said. He says, you know, look at it, look when you were in it, I was happy for you. But I also know people that went through this and all I can tell you is it’s the best thing that ever happened. And now, because that’s not happening, I have something I want to talk to you about that I think is an incredible opportunity. And then that’s when, you know, we partnered, we did some really amazing things in real estate and with money and we’re still doing it today.

So you’re a guy that gets constantly smacked on his ass. I mean, yeah. I mean, that would a huge amount of respect. But a as my old pops used to say, you don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there and you’ve got, you’ve got creams, you know, sliced up and dice put on your ass countless times, probably more than you can remember. But it’s obvious you just keep coming back and that’s phenomenal. So we’ve had also, what I want to bring highlight too, is that you’ve gone from sporting addict to professional in that sport, you know, clothes, manufacturer, store loan, over advisor, property, agent, landlord, investor advisor, you’ve constantly pivoted and you’ve constantly reevaluate who you are and evolved from there. Where’s your current evolve in now?

That’s a perfect way to talk about cause corona virus where we’re at right now doing this show, we’re in the midst of the middle of corona virus. And when this started, I had just launched a big seminar company where we’re out doing what we do on the road, helping a lot of people. And then all of a sudden we’re in Orlando. The president basically shuts the country down. We’re like, Oh my gosh, no one shows up for five events that we’d paid for. That point happened right there, in that conference room with not one person. I looked at my staff and I said, listen, we have to, we have to do something drastically different. We have to take everything we’ve been doing here and we have to take it digital. And it starts right now. Grab your phone. You grab the iPad, you grab your phone, record me.

And that’s at that point where I came up with MSTV, which was an online community where all the focus was teaching people, how money works, the secrets of money, the things that I was doing on the road in one place. And every single week, we film new recordings that are relevant to what’s happening now because there was not, there really isn’t anything like it. There’s not one place someone can go and get financial guidance. The, the knowledge about how money really works as it relates to what’s happening. Now, it’s always either old news or future stuff or stuff that doesn’t even apply to you. So we took it and we’ve mixed real estate, lifestyle and money all in one community. And I brought all my mentors that I pay into this community and they all contribute. And the best part is, is the community.

We made it so silly, cheap that everybody out there could take advantage of this so that it wasn’t some big ticket thing that only, you know, the people that can afford it could do it. We did it at 19 bucks a month and 190 or 190 a year, so that we could hit and help as many people as we can. And in that pivot right there, I didn’t even know what it was going to be. But I set out to do this, that pivot now has completely changed everything that I’m doing because now everything we’re doing is 100% digital. We’re helping so many more people in ways that I never even dreamed possible. Partly because of the technology literally has done a giant pivot. Now we’re all absorbing and using technology in a way we never thought possible. And what we’re doing is embracing that and taking everything we’re doing and making it all completely like relevant for what’s happening and relevant for the digital market.

Repeat that a website again, the school, was it MS School?

Yeah. So it’s MSTV. It’s money, school, TV. So somebody would just go to, and that would bring them there, or they can find it just by going to my website

Alright. Okay. And there was you, I know I’ve seen your books. I think you have a, is it two books? We got two of them and read them out for the cause. You know, bearing in mind, they can’t see anything. So do they call it a couple of years ago?

The Private Money Guide it’s solutions to finding money where to go and how not to ask. This book is all about where the money is for your business and for your real estate deals and shown in a way that really I’ve never seen before. But this is the one I’m really excited about. We just launched this it’s called Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery. You just heard my journey. And there was some secrets I learned along that journey on what wealthy do with money, things that I never even dreamt possible, even being a high level advisor. So this book completely, what is talked about in here transformed my life in a way that I can’t even tell you in the time we have. But every secret that I learned is in this book and there’s one giant secret. And it goes back to you talking about getting fired up about banks.

What this book teaches you, how to do is be the bank by mimicking exactly what the bank does. And people like, Oh, that’s complicated, no way. It involves you changing one thing in your life. And that is it. And now one thing that you change will change everything. And it shows people how to build wealth through their own debts and expenses that they already have, which is quite contrary to what most people think. They think they gotta go work harder, work longer and do all the things they’ve been taught to make more money, or really what they should be focusing on is their banking principles and what their money does because most people just leave their money and they give up control of it. And then their money is not working for them. Somebody else is making that money work for them. Hence the banks.

It’s why banks make 400 to 1300% on the deposits we leave there. And how much did the bank even? What do they even pay us? Nothing. Nothing like that’s the sick thing. They they’ve literally gotten. It should be criminal. They get away with paying us nothing and going out and making 400 to 1300% on the money we leave there. So you can get mad at that. Or you can just say, you know what, I’m going to learn what they do, how they do it. And I’m just going to mimic it. And when you do that, you literally can transform everything you’re doing. And I don’t care what I don’t care how much money you have. You can be a billionaire in this. This is probably something you already know about. And, or you can just be somebody that’s struggling every day in debt. And this book will show you how to get rid of that debt in a way you’ve never seen before. Do you think the books are disruptor? Oh, I have. So 100% the book also, we got a cool thing in there that people love because a lot of car people out there, we show people how to get all the money back for every single car you will ever buy drive and own without working any harder, any longer without giving up control of your money and without taking on any risk. So it doesn’t just work for cars. Steve works for motorcycles as well.

It's why banks make 400 to 1300% on the deposits we leave there Share on X

Hey, look, I don’t want this to sound like a shallow advert, but I’m backing you on this. I think this is a great concept. I fudging hate the banks. I think it is a legalized criminal situation scenario. The books you got here, where do you get those just on Amazon or on your website?

They’re on Amazon or you just do the same link or slash new book.

All right. So I’m going to throw those in here. Do you think that we’re a lot of people don’t too much change because all that’s not the way we’ve done it now, we’re in a constant world of change where everything from cars, clothes, music the way we do business digital online live events, virtual events, we’re in a constant state of flux and COVID has just pushed that and amplified it. But we’re still using banks, which basically are an 18th century structure. So what do you think is going to happen to those? You know we had a small disruption in PayPal but you know, what are we going to see happen to the banks and say the next five years, I don’t know if you’ve got crystal balls, but tell me, what are you?

I think you’ll see a lot of change in banks. I think that the changes are going to be hard with banks because the government is pretty much the government and banks. They’re really one in the same, especially since 2008. So you’re not really going to see banks change too much. But what you’re seeing is your control of your money, that it’s at the banks being limited more and more think about it. If you go to the bank right now and you try to take all your money out, can you, can you go and take all your money out? If you think you can, you’re wrong. You literally, if you think that then come to my house and I’ll let you ride my white unicorn around the backyard, like, that’s the same thing. You can’t take your money out of the bank. The bank will not give you all your money. They might give you three or 5,000, but they won’t give you all your money. So if you think you’re in control of your money, you’re not the bank is next.

Sadly, I realized that probably two and a half months ago, and it scared the shit out of me. Cause we watched TV and we see countries in recessions. Bare in mind we’re in COVID now, we’re only just coming out of a recession that a lot of people like countries like Greece basically went bankrupt. And you saw people banging on the doors of banks, trying to get their money’s out. I went to buy a motorcycle. It was like 23 grand or something like that. And I thought to myself, I’m going to walk up there and offer the guy 18. So I’ve got to make sure I’ve got 20 grand in my pocket. I walked into my bank and I couldn’t get the money. They could not give me 20 grand, you know, in a bank of money that I own, they couldn’t give it to me.

Literally I had to request and come back in two days time. And that’s scary. I’ve never been that scared. I walked out our bank and it was like, shit, I don’t have my money. I don’t. Where is it best? In my bedroom or in the bank here. And it was kind of scary on that situation. But they are manipulators, I don’t know, but they are manipulating a message and creating a massive notice. And again, inline with the governments that, Hey banks, you know, they’re FDIC insured and they’re this and they’re that. But the bottom line of it is they’re going to do what they’re going to want to do. And if you’re going to complain about that, well, find out about Lehman Brothers, you know, and find out what’s going on there. It’s for anyone. If anyone is wondering about those names, they went bankrupt. They went pop.

Yep. Unless, and most banks would go bankrupt. If there was a run on the banks, just so you know, they, they work on Fiat money. It’s not even real what they do. I mean, they work on fractional lending, which is why back in the days of the Rockefellers, the JP Morgans, the Morgan Stanley’s. And I know they’re bankers, but they don’t bank at traditional banks. They created a totally different banking system that doesn’t use banks because of fractional lending, because they knew the system was built on a house of cards. They didn’t want their money there. Their family’s money there, their legacy sitting there, they don’t use banks the way you do. They use them because they make money because they’ve taught all of us to believe in compound interest. When no business in the world actually uses compound interest, businesses, move money.

But what are we taught to do park money and believe all. If I put it there, I’m just going to make money over time. But if I take it out, that money flow stops, but that does that. That is just not what banks do. That’s not what the wealthy do. They do things completely different, but it’s so here’s the craziest thing that that book talks about. It shows people how to mimic the bank, how to do what the bank does in the simplest way. The biggest problem what’s going to happen when someone reads this book is they’re gonna sit there and you’re gonna, they’re going to be pissed first because they’re going to realize that this has been under the nose the whole time. But then the biggest problem is going to be, they’re going to sit there and they’re going to say, and a woman just told me this today.

She says, you know, I love this. I love it. It will change my life. But it just sounds too good to be true. And I said to her, I said, you know what? I hear that a lot because you’ve been taught to not believe stuff like this exists, but no one’s just ever shown you the way. And then I said to her, I said, the biggest problem in America is not what people don’t know. The biggest problem in America is what people think. They know that just ain’t. So that’s a quote from Will Rogers. And it is the most true statement when it comes to all this, because most people think they know what ain’t so, but the biggest problem, isn’t what they think. They know the problems, what they don’t know. Like that’s it just go find it, go find the knowledge.

I’m wondering if the society is shifting because of this fake news, you know, there’s conspiracy theorists have gone absolutely nuts. It’s like that African hay day and Christmas and birthday all rolled into one with COVID, the amount of people are out there too far gone. Oh no, this is, this is government. It’s political. And the amount of stuff I’ve actually read. And I quite like reading it because it makes me giggle. I like listening to different people’s opinions, but the amount of times you can look on a website and someone will tell you that there is actually never been COVID. It’s all been a fake. I even saw something the other day about how someone said that the space X mission up to the international space station didn’t happen. It was filmed, you know, Hey look, the conspiracy theories are having a whale of a time.

And I think a lot of them go too far. But having your mind open enough to challenge what your hearing is something that we need because let’s be blunt. We’ve already discussed how the governments own the banks, major corporations own a lot of the news stations, a lot of political wings, own news stations. So we’re being fed what they want us to hear. And so again, in line with the banks in the way we should have money, you’re correct. If we dare to change, if we read your book and we do what you’re talking about, and we make those changes, it’s gonna piss off a lot of substantial, historic corporations, brands, and names and people.

I sometimes fear and I’ve had talks with other people in the industry that I am doing. What I do have that now mythical black SUV showing up in front of my house saying, Mr. Naugle, could you come with us with us please? No, cause seriously, like I don’t mean to say that. Cause I hope it never happens. But the things I’m teaching people are disruptors to the point where it could disrupt the entire financial industry, if it ever got big enough. But the thing is is, and this is where I sleep good at night. I know that I can only help 5% of the people cause the other 5% are the people that think they know what they don’t know. And they’re just going to bury their head in the sand and just file the masses off the cliff. But the people I can help boy, and I’m helping them change their lives and it’s, and it’s just such a great feeling inside. And that’s what drives me to do what I do. It’s working

You and I know each other, we’re pals. I know where you live. And I am actually going to go and get someone to park a black SUV out front of your house, just, just for shits and giggles. You do it. I know you, but Hey Steve, you won’t just have one. You’ll have a whole line of them parked out there. And then, and then somebody is going to get out in a black suit with a black glasses and they’re going to come up to the door and say, Mr. Naugle Can you come with me? And that’s journey. You’re not going to just have black SUV parked out front . Then they’ll take you through drive thrus like Chick-Filet or something and then drop you back home. But yeah, that’d be funny. Well, look, Chris I love you, man. How do people get ahold of you?

Easiest way is my website, just go to Or find me on social media. I answer every social media message personally still. So Facebook it’s Chris Naugle, Instagram it’s Chris_Naugle.

He’s very conversational. He will respond to you. I know that I’ve seen that I’ve watched it. I’ve witnessed it. So Chris I won’t be able to kinda like change the way they think change the way they move and get used to the fact that they don’t know what they don’t know. So I’m a great advocate for your book and for, for your teaching. So Chris, thanks a lot for being on the show. It was my pleasure. Thank you for your time.


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