Ed Parcaut; Getting Past Know

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Born in Burlingame, California, Ed Parcaut moved around a lot in childhood, following his dad’s work at telephone company Bell. After his father’s death, Parcaut wound up in Turlock, California. A skinny kid, Parcaut played sports like soccer before graduating and enlisting in the Navy. After 18 months at Camp Pendleton, it came time for Parcaut to choose a specialty. Willing to do anything that wasn’t on a ship, Parcaut ended up studying physical therapy, concurrently getting a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s in international business and marketing.

After getting out of the Navy, Parcaut gave the tech world a try before realizing it wasn’t for him. He turned to work for his neighbor’s mortgage company, which is what stuck. Parcaut’s love for numbers and helping people have kept him in the mortgage field ever since with his company, Lending For Living.

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