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Well, it’s that time again. You’re about to listen to a riveting episode of The Art of Making Things Happen with me, Steve Sims. It’s there to make you more productive, more impactful and to get you thinking. Enjoy this episode.

Hey, how are you doing? Let me give you an example. Guy walks into a bar, walks up to a girl and says, “Hey, how you doing? My name’s Steve. You look absolutely beautiful. Should we go and have a shag?” Now, do you think that would work? Do you think that’s right? Then why in the hell are you doing it within Facebook Messenger and every other kind of LinkedIn social platform that’s out there? Build a relationship before you pop your load. It’s basic human psychology. No one wants to be hit up straight away. I urge you.

Build a relationship before you pop your load. It's basic human psychology. Share on X

Now, we’re trying to build up relationships. Now, we’re all in a time frame of confusion and distraction in and all this kind of thing. We’re actually yearning for some kind of connection. We want it. There’s never been a better time for you to actually reach out to people and start building a relationship. But it’s called building a relationship, it doesn’t go first to fourth base in one hit. You’ve got to build it up. So, for Christ sake, ease up a little bit, pull the gas a little bit and build up the relationship before you start selling them your latest investment or Bitcoin strategy. All right? I want to build up relationships, but I don’t have the tolerance for that. Wish you all the best. This is short and sharp, but change the way you communicate. But-

Well, there you had another episode of The Art of Making Things Happen podcast with me, Steve Sims. Hope it helped, hope it invigorated, made you want to do something and try something just a little bit different and maybe even scary. Anyway, if you want more of me during the week, then why don’t you hop over to Facebook and join our private group, An Entrepreneurs Advantage, with Steve Sims. We throw things in there, stuff we’re working on, stuff we’re trying, stuff that fails and we’re a great family of supporters. So, if you want to join the Hogwarts of the entrepreneur world, jump over to An Entrepreneurs Advantage with me, Steve Sims, in Facebook.


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