Focus on Your Unsubscribes; Steve Sims

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I want to talk to you about your emails. More importantly, those people that unsubscribe from what you send them. I tried something a little while ago and it’s done very, very well for me. In fact, now I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the people that have actually responded there are actually going to be watching this video. So quite honestly, thank you for being game and helping me get to where I am now.

So we send out emails to our people. We send emails out to those who subscribe. It could be videos, could be offers, it could be text, it could be copy, a whole multitude of stuff. And sometimes it resonates, sometimes it doesn’t. And every time we send out an email, we get an email back from constant contact telling us how many people opened it, how many did not, which is always scary, and then at the bottom of it, how many people unsubscribed. So we thought to ourselves, the fact that you’ve unsubscribed means that I’ve triggered an emotion. See, if you didn’t care, you just ignore it. But no, you did care enough that you wanted to push the unsubscribed button. So there was an emotional reaction. Even if it’s your pure hatred fuming, you don’t like, my stunning good looks or my accent, something happened that forced you to take action and not just ignore it. So I thought to myself, maybe I can talk to those people.

The fact that you've unsubscribed means that I've triggered an emotion. Click To Tweet

So we literally put together a small email and it said, “Thank you for unsubscribing. Now please help us.” And we said, “We appreciate you’ve unsubscribed. We believe that puts you in the best position to help us be better. You see, we want to be fantastic at what we do, but we lost you. Why? The answer to that question is not going to start a sales funnel is not going to start a chain of emails. I just simply want to know, what force you to unsubscribe? What did we do wrong? What could we have done better? I promise to not send a second email, but if you can answer me, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.” And we sent it out.

Do you know what happened? 25% and I kid you not, 25%… This wasn’t one week. We tried this for six weeks. 25% of every unsubscribe list we sent out to responded. We got in a communication. Now, some of them said, I don’t remember signing up for this and I never wanted it in the first place. Some of them said it’s hokey pokey and it’ll never work for me. But out of that, about 50% of those people went, thank you for taking the time. Thanks for reaching out. Oh, I hit unsubscribe by accident. I don’t know when I did subscribe and this is the first email I’ve read of it. I went back, read the email, I bought your book, I subscribed to your course.

We actually do these private speakeasy events. We sold three people that wanted to come to these speakeasy events. Two grand a piece simply by caring to ask them the question, why did they unsubscribe and, here’s the important bit, what did we do wrong? Now everyone says, get your hot people, get them hot or get them close and then sell to that crowd. Yeah, but what about those people on the fence? Those people that are already buying from you, they already love you. Okay, what about those people? If you could make them happier by being better, then surely the people that have already committed to you are going to be even happier. Okay? Never ask someone who loves you why they love you. Ask someone that’s on the fence what’s wrong about you and then focus on fine tuning that. Everyone else benefits including you.

Ask someone that's on the fence what's wrong about you and then focus on fine tuning that. Click To Tweet

So try that email with the people that unsubscribed. You’ll find that you will be able to alter their perspectives. You’ll gain a better perspective. If they come back to you and they go, your offers are useless because of X, Y, Z, that’s brilliant feedback. That’s what you need. That’s going to make you far better. So try contacting and showing a bit of love to those people that unsubscribed. They’re really just asking to have a bit more out of you and you give it to them and they’ll come back and be tight and loyal and as I say, quite thankful.