Freddie Bennett; From ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY

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Welcome to “The Art of Making Things Happen,” a show where we dive deep with the doers, the thinkers, and the go-getters who turn their dreams into reality. I’m your host, Steve D Sims. Today, we’re joined by an extraordinary guest, Freddie Bennett, a man who went from corporate discomfort to breaking world records.

In this episode, we’ll uncover Freddie’s compelling journey from being a successful businessman to an inspired speaker, ultra marathon runner, and now a best-selling author. Despite the trappings of material success, Freddie battled with stress, alcohol, and the ever-present imposter syndrome, until a pivotal moment in his life propelled him to chase a life without regrets.

Freddie will share with us the mindset shifts that helped him realize that we can’t outperform our self-image, the dangers of victim mentality, and why taking ownership of our problems is key. He’ll also explain why we should never settle for less and how taking imperfect action led him to break a Guinness World Record—yes, dressed as a fisherman!

Get ready to be inspired as we hear how Freddie faced extreme challenges, like running ultramarathons in the Arctic and across the Sahara desert. Plus, we’ll learn about his current mission to help a million people get unstuck and unleash their potential.

Stay tuned, because you won’t want to miss the insights this scientific research guinea pig has on human performance under pressure and the playful yet profound wisdom he has gathered along his transformative journey.

Let’s get started, and remember, it’s not about the pursuit of perfection, but the art of making things happen!

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