Harley Blakeman; Empowering Former Felons to Find Meaningful Employment

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Harley Blakeman is the founder of Honest Jobs, a nationwide free service in the United States that helps individuals with criminal records find better job opportunities quickly. His personal journey and experiences have driven him to create a platform that empowers people to overcome the obstacles they face after incarceration. Born into a financially disadvantaged family, Harley grew up in a trailer park in Florida. He faced numerous challenges at a young age and eventually found himself homeless and struggling to survive at just 16 and 17 years old. Despite the difficulties, Harley’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through, and he found a means of supporting himself by selling drugs as an unlicensed pharmaceutical representative. Although this period of his life brought financial success, it also involved drug abuse and a constant struggle to mask the pain he carried. Unfortunately, Harley’s life took a turn when he was arrested four times, the final arrest occurring two weeks after his 18th birthday.

This marked the beginning of his journey through the prison system. However, he soon realized that his story was not unique, and millions of individuals face similar challenges upon their release from prison. When Harley returned to society, he found it incredibly difficult to secure employment due to his criminal record. Determined to make a positive change, Harley channeled his personal struggles into founding Honest Jobs. This innovative platform connects individuals with criminal records to job opportunities that can serve as a stepping stone towards a brighter future. Whether it’s their first job post-incarceration or a pathway to higher-paying positions and sustainable careers, Honest Jobs offers a much-needed solution to the employment challenges faced by millions of Americans with felony convictions. Harley’s passion and dedication have driven him to diligently pursue his dream, pouring his energy into creating a service that provides hope, support, and real opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration. Through Honest Jobs, he aims to break the cycle of recidivism and empower individuals with criminal records to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society. In summary, Harley Blakeman’s personal experiences and determination have fueled his mission to help individuals with criminal records find employment through Honest Jobs. His upbringing, struggle with homelessness, involvement in the drug trade, and subsequent journey through the prison system have inspired him to build a platform that offers hope and second chances to those who need it most.