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Here’s a question for you. How fat are you? Now, there’s probably a lot of people out there going, “Oh, he’s cheeky. Shouldn’t be asking me that question. Hey, we’ve all got this problem.” But here’s the bottom line of it. I want to be talking to you about it in your business.

It came to me from how I identified working on my motorcycles. You see, I have a collection of motorcycles, and a few of them are Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson has the idea, like a lot of manufacturers within the motor sport industry, more power makes more speed. So everything they do is heavy.

Harley-Davidson has the idea, like a lot of manufacturers within the motor sport industry, more power makes more speed. Share on X

Now, when I got this motorcycle, the first thing I realized was how heavy the parts were. Floorboards, even the battery. I could change a battery and save 15 pound. I don’t want to get too technical on the motorcycle part; but the bottom line of it is, I could shed weight very easily by using different materials or even just eliminating certain things all together.

I’m wondering how fat are you in your business, or are you just adding more cylinders or more fuel to it? See, a lot of people will get a business, and they’ll go, “Oh, I need a website. I need a CRM. I need a funnel. I need a click funnel. I need a procedure.” All these things. What you need is a client. If you have no client, your business is dead. Don’t panic about a pretty CRM. Don’t worry about how cute your logo is. If you’re not curing someone’s problem, you don’t have a business.

Now, your business may be making people look prettier, smarter, fitter, giving them better cookware, whatever; but believe it or not, your business is to help somebody else achieve their goals, their desires, their wants. It is not on all the auxiliary fat.

Now, during COVID, I know a lot of people have been going around spring cleaning their cupboards. You’re polishing the car, paying attention to the garden. Pay attention to your business. What can you spring clean? Ask yourself every time you pick up an element within your business, ask yourself every time you look at your credit card bill and you see the subscriptions you have, “If I canceled that subscription, what would be the impact on my business?” Cut the fat.

Pay attention to your business. What can you spring clean? Share on X

Now, what happens is without you making a better business, your business becomes lighter, less liability. In the impact of a motorcycle, the less weight without touching the engine, the engine becomes more powerful because there’s always a power-to-weight ratio. In business, it’s an energy-to-weight ratio. How much liability and how much weight is on your shoulders? If you removed a lot of that weight, could you run more effectively? Could you be more streamlined? Would you be able to do more?

They say the fastest boat to turn is the smallest. A cargo ship takes miles to change direction. A little speed boat can almost turn on the nail. You want the agility to be able to move by being lighter. The businesses that are being able to do this, and the word’s out there all the time, pivot, are those businesses able to respond and react quicker because they have less weight on their shoulder.

So I ask you again quite openly, how fat are you? If I can make a motorcycle go faster just by trimming the weight off of it without becoming a mechanic, then you need to be looking at your business and working out what subscriptions can I get rid of? Should I stop worrying about the CRMs? What should I focus on? You should always focus on the same thing time and time again. What is the problem that you are solving for your clients? Then find those people that have the same problem.

I hope that has helped. It’s me, Steve Sims with a little nugget. Subscribe to me anyway you can, The Art of Making Things Happen Podcast, YouTube, and Entrepreneur’s Advantage Facebook page. Come and find me. I look forward to chatting with you again in the future. Bye.


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