If I Had Great T*ts; Steve Sims

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Well, it’s that time again. You’re about to listen to a riveting episode of The Art of Making Things Happen, with me, Steve Sims. It’s there to make you more productive, more impactful, and to get your thinking. Enjoy this episode. In a couple of days, I’m actually traveling down to San Diego. I’m actually on a news station. They’re doing a interview with me and Henry regarding Sims Media. And I’m very excited about it. I very luckily have been on TV many times. Henry never has, so I’m really excited for him. But you know the funny thing was, we actually had a member of the team from the TV station give us a publicist to actually contact us. Now, she was a fantastic girl, really, really nice, but she contacted us regarding how we would show up.

And she spoke to us about, oh, the color’s not to wear, the outfit’s not to wear, how to speak, how to portray yourself, how to come across. She knew her stuff. And she openly said, “Don’t wear black, don’t wear jewelry, and try to pronounce your vocabulary, your words a little better so more people could understand it.” Now what she said I understood. And it made total, total sense back then. You see, the trouble is to today, is what she told me to do was to dilute myself so I would attract more people, more people could get to understand the illusion of me, rather than me.

And I’ve always said in my office that if I had great tits and looked good in a cheerleader outfit, I’d have more followers, but would I have more connections? You see, today, people are too busy looking at the metrics of how many followers they have, how many likes, how many subscribers, rather than how many conversations they’ve had. Now, I’ve said a while ago, know your number. How many clients do you want, desire, and can you appropriately look after in the star fashion that you should be? And then go after that number. You see, until likes and subscribers can actually pay my bar tab, I don’t care until they convert into conversations where I can help them, or I can work with them, partner with, whatever.

But until they go from a following to a connection, there’s no reason for them. So, don’t dilute. If you wear a certain shirt, stick to your shirt. If you speak a certain way, stick to that way and attract those, that with zero effort, you can connect with. You see, dance to downside, focus on your ROE, return on effort and energy. Are you exerting a lot of energy trying to be someone that you’re not? Are you trying to dress up to appeal to someone, so that when they do finally meet you, they suddenly realize that you are ford. You’re dressing up and over pronouncing and looking like someone that you’re not normally and comfortably that person.

You see, today’s market, we want clarity. We want to understand a person. We want to be able to make the decision, does this person get me? Can I work with this person? Can I tolerate, connect with that person? Do not worry about the metrics. If you’ve got low numbers of following, but great numbers of conversation, hey, you are winning that game. That’s the focus on today. Forget the likes, focus on the connections. This is as good as I can give it to you.

Well, I hope you enjoyed another episode of The Art of Making Things Happen, with me, Steve Sims. And just imagine if you were in a room with these people, some of the listeners, some of the guests, some of my friends, well, you can be if you attend a speakeasy. Just head on over to simsspeakeasy.com and you’ll find out all about the details of our next event, location, city that we’re in, and quite simply, they’re there to make you smarter and more impactful. If that’s the kind of thing you want to do, you know where to go, simsspeakeasy.com. I’ll see you there or speak to you soon on the next episode. Bye.