Jay Samit; Do You Want to Become Future Proof

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If someone told you becoming a millionaire was a teachable skill, would you believe them?

This is the question we discussed in the latest edition of The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims.

We spoke to Jay Samit. He is a serial entrepreneur, author, and all-around badass! He rubs elbows with the pope and calls legends like Richard Branson and Elon Musk his friends.

He has been a senior exec at some of the biggest corporations on the planet. He’s pioneered companies like Deloitte Marketing, Sony Records, LinkedIn, EMI, and others.

In his book Disrupt Yourself, he shows you how to use personal transformation to change your life. With his latest book, Future Proofing You, he proves it!

Read on to discover how he did it.

An Unconventional Idea

Jay admits when he had been kicking around the idea for a while but wasn’t prepared to put it into action until he met Vin.

Vin was a first-generation immigrant to America who was sleeping on his friend’s couch when he met Jay. He approached Jay as part of a speaking engagement when he volunteered to come up on stage to pitch an idea.

Jay admits that he was all over the place and had trouble forming a solid pitch.

To get Vin on board, Jay told him a little white lie. Samit explains there was a reason behind it. It’s called the Pygmalion Effect. He told Vin that he had already interviewed over a hundred other people. Samit added that he was the only one who had all the attributes to become a self-made millionaire.

Vin was on board yet was reluctant.

Building a New Mindset

The first thing that Jay had to help Vin with was his mindset. Particularly, he had to help him learn to develop a growth mindset. A growth mindset is a belief you can develop abilities through dedication and hard work.

Samit provides an affirmation that you can use to build your own growth mindset. He says it works well if you say it while looking in the mirror brushing your teeth in the morning.

“Today can be better than yesterday. I have the power to make it so.”

 By the end of the month, Vin had made $60,000 without any capital or connections from Samit. It was after then that he became a true believer.

Jay says, “He could have walked across the ocean. I mean, he was so positive.”

The Road to Self-Made Millionaire

Vin started with social media marketing. That wasn’t because he was especially adept at it, but because he was familiar with it. Jay gave him key advice.

He said, “You have to differentiate yourself. If you’re not the only person doing this type of work, why would anyone hire you?” Vin took in the advice and found a way to solve a unique new problem in social media.

From there, he started the road to becoming a self-made millionaire. He got his first client and had a case study showcasing how he helped that client. His pay went from hundreds a week to $30,000 a month by the third month!

How? Samit describes it like this. “People in business are lemmings. Everyone wants to be the first one to be second.” Meaning, once he had his case study, the game changed for Vin.

The Result

Vin not only became a self-made millionaire within a year from Jay’s mentorship, he got there by month eleven. He remembers Vin coming to him dejected because he fell short of his goal of $100,000 in a month.

Jay had to laugh. He knew that Vin had grown so much from that person who slept on his friend’s couch and was penniless.

Now you can become Vin. Samit has documented the same principles he gave Vin inside the book Future Proofing You.

If you’re looking to change your life, it can happen. Read the book, follow the principles, and see if your life is different a year from now.

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