Jesse Elder; The TAO of Mindset

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In a world of MINDSET GURUS taking part in the “woke society,” Jesse Elder stands out as a bit different.

While he’s the first to admit “he’s probably the last guy who should teach mindset,” his communication around the topic and what it takes to get real results appear to refute that statement.

On our podcast, The Art of Making Things Happen, we sat down with Jesse and talked about the state of mindset today.

In it, we discussed the rise of the “woke society”. Jesse also discussed his principles of mindset and how he discovered them. Last, he discussed how to apply those principles to your own life.

While many expound notions about the theory mindset, Jesse Elder is more concerned with what works.

Read on to discover Jesse’s philosophies about mindset that we’ve aptly titled: THE TAO OF MINDSET and how you can discover your own principles.

The Rise of the Woke Society

To look at social media and news today, it would appear we are a nation of people shouting out answers when no one has really asked a question. When we asked Jesse about his thoughts about the “woke society” we live in today, he had this to say:

We tend to look at the woke society as this revolution, but it’s more of an evolution. People are angry, and rightfully so. They want change, and really, anger is the first step towards change. He describes the process of change as a process of nine steps towards becoming:

  1. Helplessness – feeling like a victim of circumstance
  2. Anger – pushing back from the victim mentality
  3. Understanding – understanding your role in the situation
  4. Curiosity – trying to figure out why that happened and what you can change
  5. Intrigue – developing instincts of change
  6. Innovation – putting change into action
  7. Invention – being the change
  8. Creation – showing others how to change
  9. Abundance – collective change

When Jesse looks at the woke society, he sees it as an evolution to collective change, but at the very early stages. He also offers some ways that we can all get there quicker.

It starts with being a curious observer:

  • Instead of picking sides, ask why
  • Hold the judgment and have a conversation
  • Seek to understand each viewpoint without seeing who is right

Change the Individual to Change the Collective

It is rare when someone changes where they don’t take a few people with them along their journey. When we see someone close to us change for the better, it builds intrigue in them and inspires them to want to make a change as well.

By focusing on changing yourself, you can create more collective change, but many people need to focus on themselves to bring others along. When real change happens, there is no need to talk about it because it’s evident.

Change in itself is noticeable. Jesse states that if you want to create collective change, as hokey as it sounds, you have to BE THE CHANGE.

He offers some ways to start:

  • Focus on your own inner strength
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Show compassion for yourself and others

Then, go to the mirror to see if you can love yourself unconditionally, unapologetically, appreciating your uniqueness. Once you can do it, people will notice the change in you and want to know how to do it for themself.

Don’t Seek Answers, Look for Results

Many people are going to coaches looking for answers when they should be looking for results. He states that when he works with individuals and corporations, he sees it as a partnership of becoming, and less telling them who to be.

He’s more interested in the description than providing the prescription when it comes to change and mindset.

Ready to Make a Change in 2021?

Change starts with the awareness to look inward. Through looking in, the real questions will come, and from there, you can seek the right results.

If you’re looking to create change in 2021, you can follow Jesse Elder on social media through: