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Jeweliet Tangen is a business coach and organic marketing expert based in San Diego, California.

When reading up on business and marketing experts, one rarely considers the childhood and backgrounds of those leading the industry. When it comes to Tangen, her childhood was actually a major factor in who she has become — trauma and all.

“Getting started in my life, I grew up in foster care for the first six years of my life up in Idaho,” Tangen said candidly in an interview with Steve Sims for The Art of Making Things Happen Podcast, “And some regions of foster care in the U.S. are kind of similar to sex slavery. My situation was a lot like that. There’s a lot of abuse, a lot of sexual, a lot of physical, obviously the emotional comes with that. So, that’s how I lived my life for the first six years. But I was blessed enough to get adopted when I was six and she was an amazing woman, quite frankly. I don’t think I would be alive if it wasn’t for her. Honestly. Some of the people that I grew up in foster care with have either died due to mysterious circumstances or at their own hand.”

Despite such a traumatic upbringing, Tangen eventually learned how to “behave like a normal kid.” Through learning to love and growing up, she eventually got to a better place in life. Though not before being put through a lot of hardship.

“Right before my fifteenth birthday, my mom actually passed away. So at that stage, I had processed a lot of the stuff of growing up in foster care and stuff like that. [I] just was learning how to love and build relationships. I think at that stage it was still kind of foreign to me and that’s where my mom had passed away.”

During her time living with an unstable aunt and several other living situations, Tangen knew she wanted to become involved in the business world. And she did it from the ground up by moving into her own apartment and waiting tables.

“[My job did] pay my bills for a little while,” says Tangen, “And then I started to ‘started my business,’ didn’t make any money for seven months, and I actually quit my job before my business made any money because I couldn’t do both. I couldn’t focus on the business and I couldn’t do the job at the same time.”

“Nobody helped me pay my bills. I didn’t have any savings, I didn’t have any money, but I quit anyway. The next month, my business took off. That first year in business, I think, I made $107,000, which is not a ton of money, but when you’re sixteen and it’s your very first business, I think it turned out all right.”

Tangen started out on Upwork and admittedly lived the life of an undercharged freelancer. She worked as a ghostwriter and copywriter for clients for a time before getting hired by a company in France as an editorial manager. Working remotely, Tangen managed a group of content writers.

From there, Tangen noticed that a lot of the marketing experience in the company was lackluster and things were frankly not working. She started looking at online companies to see why they weren’t growing as quickly and where there marketing holes were. Through understanding exactly what not to do, Tangen was given a professional advantage that made her so successful.


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Now the renowned Tangen is the founder of Strategy Loft and has been teaching others how to boost their income to six or seven figures and a number of success stories behind her.

Currently, she is launching her wealth-building program “7 Weeks to 7 Figures” to help her clients find success in their business ventures, and she doesn’t seem interested in stopping anytime soon.

“What I want to leave people with is, don’t wait until you’re a seven-figure or six-figure learner to give back. The number one thing that’s propelled my business forward and help me get out of depression and slumps in all the shit that I’ve been through is giving back. So the more you give, the more you make. And the more you make, the more you should give. And it’s this beautiful cycle that normally helps other people but can turn you into a millionaire, which I think is a win-win situation.”

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