Jim Kwik ; Be the Pilot of Your Mind

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Jim was once known as the “boy with the broken brain.”

A childhood head injury at age five left him struggling in school. For a while, he even believed he could never be as good as other kids when it came to learning. Jim loved superheroes as a kid – and comic books saved him when conventional education couldn’t. Comic books taught Jim how to read…and they also kept his dreams alive that one day he, too, would find his inner superpower.

As the years wore on, fate led Jim to a mentor, a friend’s father, who sent him on a journey to learn about his brain and learn how to use it. Little did Jim know, it would take him down the long path of discovering different learning habits, including accelerated learning systems and tactics.

Jim discovered that, no matter the circumstances, we can rebuild our brains. And after working on himself, he realized his brain was not broken…it just needed a better owner’s manual. This shattered Jim’s own limiting beliefs – and over time, it became his passion to help others do the same.

For the past three decades, Jim taught his learning techniques to students from universities such as Harvard, CalTech, and Singularity University. As well as executives and employees from companies such as Google, Virgin, Nike, Zappos, GE, 20th Century Fox, Cleveland Clinic, WordPress, and institutions like the United Nations to get the most out of work and life.