Joseph Michelli; Crafting Emotional Connections in Business

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Welcome back to “The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims.” Today’s episode features an enlightening discussion with Joseph Michelli, an acclaimed author and authority on customer experience. With a resume that includes work with iconic brands like Ritz Carlton, Starbucks, and Zappos, Joseph brings a wealth of knowledge on creating value and building meaningful connections with customers.

Steve Sims, dives into the essence of the customer journey, exploring how companies can cultivate relationships beyond mere transactions. Joseph provides insights into the power of emotions over logic in customer interactions, the role of AI in the future of customer service, and why even in an age of skepticism, authenticity and trust remain paramount.

As we unpack the significance of customer experience, Joseph also introduces his latest book, “Customer Magic,” which focuses on Macquarie Telecom’s audacious challenge to the telecommunication giants. This episode promises to be a masterclass in understanding customer experience, building brand loyalty, and the undiminished importance of feelings in business interactions. Tune in to redefine your perspective on creating genuine customer relationships in a technologically dominated world. Stay with us for a conversation guaranteed to inspire your approach to business and customer engagement.

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