Julie Chenell; Exploring Digital Success

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Welcome back to another episode of “The Art of Making Things Happen” with your host, Steve D Sims. In today’s episode, we have a fascinating guest joining us – Julie Chenell. Julie is a digital marketing expert and coach who firmly believes that the real world is now digital and will only continue to grow in importance.

We delve into the world of online profiles and digital footprints, exploring how they can be valuable and need careful attention. Julie also highlights that the same tactics that work for in-person interactions can be applied online, offering valuable insights for our listeners. We discuss the concept of funnels, their importance, and how keeping them simple can lead to higher conversion rates. Location plays a vital role too, as the mindset and receptiveness of viewers are influenced by where the funnel is placed and viewed. Adaptability in tonality is also essential in conversations across different platforms.

Together, Steve and Julie dive deep into valuable lessons learned from difficult experiences and the power of transparent storytelling. Julie shares exciting news about her upcoming podcast and hybrid memoir, shedding light on the importance of trust, intuition, and embracing imperfections.

As always, we wrap up the episode with insights on how entrepreneurs have sought real-life connections during COVID and the significance of creating genuine human experiences in marketing. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to gain a wealth of knowledge from this thought-provoking conversation with Julie Chenell.