Kate Hancock & Daniel Robbins; What They Learned on Clubhouse

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If you had to choose between a long list of followers or establishing an online community, which do you think would be more powerful? 

If you answered establishing an online community, you guessed right. 

That was the focus of our conversation on the latest episode of The Art of Making Things Happen Podcast with Steve Sims.  

We sat down with Kate Hancock & Dan Robbins. Known as the “Pivot Queen” for her work ethic, tenacity, and entrepreneurial mindset, the couple created the longest-running room on Clubhouse.

So just how long is the longest-running room on Clubhouse to date? 85 days in total, running 24 hours a day, seven days a week! 

Here’s what they learned from the process. 

Why Clubhouse? 

At the start of the COVID lockdown, Kate’s businesses were at a standstill. With plenty of time on her hands, she decided to find a way to make the most of the time she had. 

Like every entrepreneur, she wanted to find a way to use that time to her advantage. In hopes of learning a little about building a funnel, Kate and Dan decided to start a room on the budding social platform, Clubhouse.

They decided to create a room where entrepreneurs could share their knowledge and help others start their own entrepreneurial journeys. 

Her goal was to inspire over 100 million new entrepreneurs. 

In ten months, the couple grew their online community from zero to 90,000 entrepreneurs on the platform. Needless to say, it was a hit! 

Calling on favors from other high-profile entrepreneurs, the couple kept the room running 24/7 in an effort to give the most monumental entrepreneurial advice in one space — all for free! 

Why an Online Community is Better Than Tons of Followers

Coming from a background in e-commerce, Kate and Dan both understand the challenge that can come with creating a business within a rented space. 

In Kate’s first business, she started an Amazon business with just $20. She scaled it to over a million dollars in 12 months! On the night before her wedding in the Philippines, she would find out that Amazon suspended her account indefinitely. 

Devastated as she was, she states she learned a valuable lesson. When you rely on one platform for your income, there are no guarantees. 

The same rule applies to followers. You may build a huge following on one social network only to find that it’s gone a few years later, and with it, all of your potential customers. 

That’s why when Kate and Dan started their Clubhouse room, they had the goal in mind to establish a community that they could take anywhere. 

Going Old-School

While most entrepreneurs are chasing the newest social media site, Kate and Dan took the success of their Clubhouse room in a different direction. They decided to go old-school! 

They decided to take their idea to television to highlight entrepreneurs. The couple has also decided to launch a book. 

Their plan is to use these two old-school mediums as content that can help propel and embolden their digital content. With a community of over 30,000 and growing, they definitely are on to something. 

Now It’s Your Turn! 

Kate and Dan have found success in areas other people often overlook. Additionally, they have learned to pivot when life throws a curveball. If you’d like to learn from Kate and Dan, you can! 

If you’d like to learn more, check out her podcasts.  

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