Kevin Voisin; Overcoming Fear and the Power of Coaching

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Hello and welcome to a new episode of The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims. I’m your host, Steve D Sims, and today we have the pleasure of talking with the dynamic Kevin Voisin. We’re diving deep into an insightful discussion on how fear can be both a protective force and a hindrance in personal growth, pulling wisdom from Kevin’s experience with

Throughout the episode, we tackle the shortcomings of our current educational system, advocating for innovative changes and the cultivation of true critical thinking. Kevin encourages us to embrace differences with an open mind, sharing his own transformative experiences and the profound impact they’ve had on his life.

As we delve into the world of coaching, Kevin sheds light on his journey from marketing guru to embracing his role as a full-time life coach. He stresses the importance of authenticity and finding a coach who resonates with your values, challenges you, and reflects your potential. Kevin also touches on the saturation of the coaching market and the importance of distinguishing the true professionals from those less qualified.

Communication is key, and while Kevin expresses his reservations about social media, he also acknowledges its power in forging unexpected connections. We’ll hear his story of how social media led to our paths crossing and the potential it holds for positive interactions.

Wrapping up, we discuss Kevin’s ambitious 50 x 50 x 50 initiative – a quest to host 50 events across 50 states in 50 weeks, aiming to spark a conversation on how we can revolutionize education and shape the next generation of strong, compassionate leaders.

Prepare to be challenged, intrigued, and inspired as we explore the art of making things happen in education, coaching, and personal triumphs. This is an episode with Kevin Voisin that you surely won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for a conversation that might just change the way you approach fear, coaching, communication, and life itself.