Mambo Brandi; Myths, Truths, and The Voodoo Fest

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Welcome to another enthralling episode of “The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims.” Today, we’re diving deep into the mystical world of Voodoo with none other than the high priestess herself, Mambo Brandi. Amid the vibrant backdrop of New Orleans culture, we discuss the true essence of Voodoo, a practice that has been plagued by misconceptions and Hollywood myths.

Join us as Mambo Brandi walks us through the critical understanding of Voodoo as not just a religion, but a spiritual practice, tradition, and way of life that transcends the negative stereotypes. She debunks the myths around the use of dolls, shedding light on their role in positive outcomes like healing and love. We also explore the fascinating syncretism of Voodoo with Catholicism, a testament to the resilience of enslaved Africans who preserved their beliefs against all odds.

But it’s not just about dispelling myths; it’s about the celebration of heritage, as we learn about the inception of Voodoo Fest. Mambo Brandi recounts the spiritual inspiration behind it and its role in honoring ancestors and bringing people together in the heart of New Orleans.

On a personal note, Mambo Brandi draws parallels between Voodoo ethics and business practices, particularly the “return to sender” concept, reminding us of the power of intentions and the consequences of our actions.

Plus, get an exclusive look inside the operations of her voodoo shop and how they foster learning and understanding in a welcoming environment, proving that the spirit of Voodoo is as much about community as it is about spirituality.

We’ve got all that and more, wrapped up with Steve’s insights on approaching life with an open mind and a hunger for true understanding. So stay tuned, as we step into a world where magic meets the everyday, here on “The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims.”

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