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There’s no question about the fact that Mitzi Perdue had a privileged upbringing. Her father, Ernest Henderson, co-founded Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, one of the most famous hotel chains in the world. Now, she’s not only an entrepreneur, she’s an author and a professional public speaker, as well. Her late husband was Frank Perdue, the late CEO of Perdue Farms.

Mitzi Perdue appeared on the Steve Sims podcast to speak more about how people can find happiness during troubled times. She spoke about her upbringing, mental health, Plato, and more. Perdue may have written a book, but she’s also an accomplished public speaker and has written extensively about family business. You can find her book and article at

Stay Stress-Free

One of the things that Perdue mentioned was that human beings are constantly under some kind of stress. Perdue points out that stress can actually affect brain function. Thousands of years ago, stress was important because humans often used the power of those stress hormones to flee from potential predators. As a health writer, Mitzi Perdue knows that there are millions of people trying to figure out how to deal with stress right now.

Now, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is causing added stress in people’s lives. It might be about the pandemic, but the rising stress levels may also be about their financial situation, politics, or health scares. People should always find some productive ways to relieve stress and blow off steam as much as possible. Ultimately, Perdue believes that everyone should find some way to relieve stress at least once a day. Perdue doesn’t even call this a “tip” as much as a “medical necessity.”

If you can, find an hour in the day to relieve your stress. It might involve unplugging and reading a specific book, listening to a podcast, or watching a TV or movie show. Perdue believes that everyone should be taking at least an hour a day to relax and find stress-free moments.

The Pandemic and Mental Health

Mitzi Perdue was aware that the pandemic was going to cause all sorts of anxiety, and she thought about how she can contribute and make sure that readers all over the world can cope during these trying times. She has been a health writer for some time now, but consulted with Mark Victor Hansen on a new book.

It appears as though this was a smart move. COVID-19 is proving that many people all over the world are having mental health issues due to the fact that they are having much less social interaction than ever before. Of course, there is also tension rising in families that might be interacting more than ever, thanks to parents working from home and students learning virtually.

That’s one of the reasons why her book, Being Up In Down Times, was created. She wrote the book with Hansen and his stepson, Preston, in just three weeks’ time. For those who are unaware, Hansen is responsible for the internationally successful Chicken Soup For The Soul series. She knew that the pandemic would be a global event and approached him about a potential collaboration.

The Timelessness of Plato

We often tend to think that we would be happy only if we reached certain goals or milestones. Mitzi Perdue reminds us that Plato himself, thousands of years ago, knew that this was a bit of a lost cause. Plato once famously said that men will chase after three things thinking that they will make him happy, even though they ultimately won’t.

Those three things are money, power, and fame. Perdue reminds us that there have been many powerful men throughout history who have actually admitted that the power didn’t make them happy. Instead, these men keep chasing more of the same thing and were never satisfied. Plato emphasized the power of beauty, goodness, and truth in place of money, power, and fame. Perdue pointed out how incredible and timeless it was that Plato concluded this thousands of years ago.


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