Roger Love; Strategies for Vocal Power and Clarity

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“Welcome to The Art of Making Things Happen with me, your host, Steve D Sims. In today’s fascinating episode, we’re joined by the incredible Roger Love, one of the most distinguished voice coaches in the world, who has fine-tuned the vocal cords of celebrities from Bradley Cooper to Gwen Stefani.

Roger has an exceptional approach to the voice, treating it as a unique instrument that can be optimized with the right techniques. He’s here to share with us how our voices reflect our history and impact our future, revealing that with proper guidance, transformation can be swift and effective.
From his work with Tony Robbins to his insights on the emotional power of our voices, Roger will offer us a glimpse into the art of vocal communication. Plus, he’s giving you an exceptional opportunity to improve your own voice through his seven-day free voice improvement challenge available at

Today, we’ll delve into why adding melody to your spoken words can captivate an audience and unlock new levels of communication effectiveness. Get ready to confront your fears of singing and public speaking, as Roger emphasizes the similarities between them and the control we can have over pitch, volume, pace, melody, and tone.

So tune in, share, and subscribe, because you’re about to learn from a master on how to elevate your voice to enhance your personal and professional life. It’s all coming up, right here, on The Art of Making Things Happen.”